About Ergonomic Spot

Ergonomic Spot provides scientific, carefully researched information about Ergonomics and it’s importance in our daily lives.

Today, our interactions are no longer limited to fellow humans only, we interact with various tools, machines, systems for our daily routine.

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. The aim of this practice is to improve people’s health, safety, and comfort and both human and system productivity.

We started Ergonomic Spot as we were looking for ergonomic products online and most of the information available was not really helping us make a decision.

As we were looking for a great ergonomic chair or the best ergonomic mouse, we realized there is a need for high-quality reviews that are written to help people make a decision.

So with this in mind, we started writing product reviews and ergonomic tips.

Here you’ll find useful tips and articles on how to adapt better ergonomic practices for a healthy life. We collate the best of the ergonomics information from reliable sources and present the most practical, affordable, and actionable ergonomics repository.

We are a team of people who have all gone through the phase of bad posture and unhealthy habits that led us to research better ways of working.

We call ourselves ergonomic enthusiasts and strive to continually learn about ways to make our lives even better.

Here, we share some of our personal experiences and a lot of our knowledge that we have gained over the years through research.