Can You Add a Headrest to an Office Chair?

It is absolutely possible to install or add a headrest to an office chair. Doing so is not only more comfortable but better for your posture, health, and more. 

Let’s survey a few different types of these headrests that you can get for your office chair.

We’ll talk about what they’re made of and why they’re worth trying. Then, we’ll discuss how to install your own office chair headrest. 

Types of Installable Headrests

Installable headrests come in a wide variety of configurations, styles, and materials. There are many choices to suit your exact comfort and sizing needs.

You can find models made of nylon, mesh, memory foam, elastic sponges, and more. 

ONLY FITS CLATINA XDD3 TITO Series Chair Mesh Chair Headrest Height Adjustable Black

In addition, the attachment mechanism varies by model. Some clip onto the chair while others screw in. Screw-in models typically come with everything you need for the installation. 

Some headrests are only compatible with certain chairs, such as the Lorell 86000 series. If the equipment is compatible, you can install the headrest at a designated site. 

Some headrests are low-lying and support the neck much like neck pillows. Others are elevated on an adjustable rod above the chair. 

In terms of styles, most of these equip come in black. Some models are available in several colors. Chair-specific headrests usually match their chairs in terms of color and texture. 

Chair Headrest Pillow Mesh Chair Universal Adjustable Height Upholstered Headrest with Long and Short Screw Fittings for Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair - Only Headrest (Orange(E) 3.0)

Lastly, while some are designed for comfort, other headrests are ergonomic. Ergonomic models are great for users with chronic neck and back pain. They can also prevent these problems.

Why Do I Need an Office Chair With a Headrest?

There are a good number of reasons to consider getting an attachable headrest.

First and most importantly, headrests are more ergonomic if they’re designed well. Many studies link computer use and bad office chairs to poor posture and pain.

A Cornell University study found that chair headrests reduced neck and back pain massively. In addition, the study found no negative impact on typing accuracy with headrests. 

If you work for hours at once, a headrest can help prevent pain and aches. They can also alleviate your existing pains in the lower back, upper back, and neck. 

Many workplaces are already converting to fully ergonomic equipment. Getting an attachable headrest is a good way to prepare for these upcoming changes. 

Another reason to choose a headrest is comfort. Most attachable designs are made of soft or light materials like memory foam. Higher comfort leads to a higher work ethic and less strain.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a quick break from work and recline in your chair. Having a soft, pliable headrest will make that short respite feel more relaxing. 

Style is also a factor worth considering. Some chairs look more modern and stylish with headrests. Having one could make your home office space look more professional.

Offices are filled with uniform desks and chairs. Having a headrest could help you distinguish your office space from others. 

Thankfully, there are many low-cost options for equipable headrests. You don’t have to sacrifice your budget to enjoy ergonomic comfort. 

Lastly, these items are relatively easy to install. You won’t need to pay for installation costs or extra parts. Instructions are always included and the process is straightforward. 

What Should I Consider When Shopping for an Attachable Headrest?

Due to the variety of choices, finding the perfect attachable headrest is not always straightforward. To make a good investment, you’ll need to think about a few of these criteria. 

What’s most important is the headrest’s compatibility with your current office chair. Your current chair may not have room for the accessory or any easy installation sites. 

If you have a specific office chair model, the same company may sell headrest attachments. Generally, these will be more compatible than universally-fitting products. 

Naturally, you’ll want to choose one with a style that matches your chair. Consider whether you want the product material to also match. 

Since office chair headrests are primarily functional and ergonomic, consider your body. If you have pain, is it in your neck or your back? 

There are many varieties of neck pillows and headrests as well as hybrids. Each is designed for a certain part of the body. Knowing yourself is key to finding the perfect attachment for you.

You’ll want to think about your sitting height as well. Adjustable headrests are great for accommodating different heights. 

If you aren’t interested in an adjustable option, make sure the model suits your height. On the other hand, most neck pillows are one-size-fits-all. 

Unfortunately, office chair headrests aren’t products that you can try out. They’re usually sold either in boxes or online, meaning you can’t test them before buying. 

Because of this, you should consult user reviews before buying. They are the best insights you can gain about each product before trying them yourself.  

Lastly, you will want to consider costs when shopping. There are many low-cost and high-quality options available. Most models tend to cost between $20 and $30.

Similar to the price, warranties are also important. Many attachable headrests come with warranties to protect your investments. It never hurts to buy an insured product just in case. 

How to Install an Office Chair Headrest

Installing a headrest is an easy process. However, this process varies from one chair to the next. 

If your chair and headrest are in the same series, installation is usually easier.

Many chair headrests don’t require any tools or screws to install. For headrests with clip fixtures, you simply apply pressure and snap the attachment into place. 

Each product will come with its own installation booklet. The booklet shows where and how to install the fixture. It’ll also tell you if you need any external tools or materials.

For headrests that need to be screwed on, the intended screws are commonly provided. However, screwdrivers are typically not included. 

Depending on your headrest model and chair, you may need one screw or two. Universal headrests come with two metal clamps with one screw each. 

Here’s how to assemble a universal headrest. First, place the two clamps on top of the chair. Make sure that they are spaced appropriately for the headrest. 

Your model may come with a fiber sleeve that goes over the clamps. Once those are in place, position the headrest to screw into the clamps. 

Gently screw the product in on each side. The screws will enter the near side of the clamp, holding the headrest firmly. Make sure each side is tightened strongly to avoid accidents. 

Once your headrest is in place, you’ll want to see if it needs adjustment. Sit down in the chair, assessing the comfort of your neck and lower back. 

If it needs to be adjusted, simply push the headrest in or pull it out. Depending on your model, there may be a button to press when adjusting. 

If you are using a chair-specific headrest, your instructions will likely be different. Read the instructions carefully for assembly. 

Some buying sites will assemble the product for you at an extra cost. If you are concerned about doing it yourself, consider paying for assembly services. 

Can I Make My Own Headrest Attachment?

You can make a DIY chair headrest.

This is great for home offices or if you don’t care about aesthetics. 

You’ll need two pillows, styrofoam, and a sheet of fabric. Measure and cut the styrofoam to fit your head. It will need to be thick enough to cover the top of the chair’s backrest. 

Secure the styrofoam with rope or cloth. Then, drape one pillow over the styrofoam. The other pillow will fit below it like a backrest. 

Lastly, use the sheet of fabric to cover the pillows and foam. Not only will this look better, but it will help it maintain its shape. 

You won’t get the durability and strength of a store-bought model. However, this makes a decent solution if you’re feeling pain in your neck or back. 

Where to Buy an Attachable Office Chair Headrest

It’s fairly easy to find stores and sites that sell equipable headrests. Amazon sources many options from around the world. These include known brands like Staples and other retailers.

In addition, office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot sell many different models. If you’re buying from a store, don’t forget to consider buying installation services.

An assembly manual, guide, or warranty for your chair may include a manufacturer’s website. If your chair has attachable components, the same manufacturer likely sells them online. 

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