How to Dispose of an Office Chair (the responsible way)

Office chairs, just like other furniture, will wear down with continuous use.

They will need replacements to ensure you will not suffer hip, back, or neck pain from sitting for long periods. Because of this, you may be looking for ways to dispose of an office chair.

If you need to dispose of an office chair, there are several easy ways to do this.

Here are a few examples:

  • Donate it or give it away
  • Sell the chair
  • Recycle it
  • Reuse parts of the chair
  • Haul it away yourself
  • Use a junk hauling company

The reasons for getting rid of an office chair can vary.

Whether the item is broken or you want to upgrade your furniture, the old chair will need to be removed. Sometimes moving office spaces will require you to take away furniture pieces.

No matter what reason you have for getting rid of your chair, you should do it properly. Some methods will take no effort at all, while others may be time-consuming.

How you dispose of an office chair will depend on several factors.

Why You Can’t Throw Away Office Chair with the Garbage

Large pieces of furniture are not small enough to throw out with your regular trash. Unfortunately, many places with weekly garbage pick-up times do not work for disposing of office furniture.

Many communities do not collect furniture regularly but have a specific yearly time where they gather large items, like office chairs.

In commercial sectors, there may be strict guidelines preventing furniture disposal in large garbage collection bins.

If your local waste collection does not allow placing old items out for pick-up at any time, you may have options.

Some residential areas permit large items out during yearly spring clean-up dates. Check with your local garbage facility to see if and when they can collect it.

Some communities will host a yearly Kick it to the Curb event. These types of programs allow you to put any items out on the curb that is free for the taking.

If you want to dispose of your chair easily, this program could work well if it coincides with the time you need.

The type and condition of the office chair will also determine which method is best for disposal. Removing furniture pieces from your home or office does not always mean they go into the garbage.

There are other options available.

Do You Really Need to Get Rid of the Office Chair?

Before disposing of your office chair, you may want to consider if you can keep it. There are several ways to help make that aging chair last a while longer.

Does it need new wheels or a fresh cushion? Sometimes if you reupholster an old office chair, it can last longer than you think. Explore why you want to replace the chair and see if you can upgrade it up instead.

You could save yourself money and help the environment by using that old office chair rather than replacing it. Not all office items will need replacing, and you can alter them for continuous use.

How to Dispose of Your Office Chair Responsibly

When disposing of large furniture pieces, you should consider the environmental impact. It is everyone’s responsibility to help reduce their carbon footprint. This action includes avoiding unnecessary items in landfills.

Use methods to reduce, reuse, and recycle your old office furniture. You can help keep these common items from being disposed of unnecessarily. If you cannot keep this chair, you should try to do what you can to dispose of it responsibly.

Donate it or Give it Away

Sometimes the need for an upgrade is necessary for your office space.

In these situations, many furniture items will still have a lot of life left. Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping it out of the landfill and donate or give it away.

Donating items is the fastest and easiest way to dispose of furniture that someone can reuse. Contact a thrift store in your area or a local non-profit organization. Both of these places could benefit from furniture donations.

Some second-hand stores may have a limit on the amount of office furniture they take. Be sure to contact them ahead of time to see if they have the space to accept your donation.

You do not want to drive from store to store looking for a place to donate your items.

Do you know someone who could use a well-loved office chair? Sometimes friends or family could use your old items, but you aren’t aware until you ask.

Let people know that you have an old chair to give away. It may go to a new home quicker than you think.

There are many free listing boards that you can post furniture free for the taking.

Common groups like Facebook Marketplace are terrific platforms to post ads for disposing of free items. You may be surprised at how quickly someone will ask for your free old office chair.

Sell the Chair

If your office chair does not have any severe damage, it could benefit someone else. Often, high-end office chairs are expensive to purchase outright. It could be helpful to sell it privately at a reduced cost.

Reselling office furniture aids in keeping budgets lower for organizations who purchase second-hand. This way, you can also make money from the sale to put towards your new chair.

Using the profit from reselling will also help keep your budget lower for your replacement costs.

You can use websites like Craigslist or contact local universities in your area and post an ad.

Sometimes students on a budget are looking for furniture that they can use. Save someone else money and keep your office chair out of the landfill.

Recycle it

Depending on where you reside, many companies specialize in recycling office furniture. Some manufacturers will take back your old office chair and recycle them into reusable parts.

If you have to dispose of a high-end ergonomic office chair, start by contacting the manufacturer. They can let you know if they have a sustainable program in place.

If not, you can search for a corporate recycling program in your area.

You may have to take the chair apart yourself before recycling. Examine if you have metal parts that you can take to a scrap dealer. Some metal scrap dealers will offer cash for these pieces.

All you need to do is remove the metal parts from your office chair and turn them in for cash.

Reuse Parts of the Chair

Some chairs have removable parts that can be useful in different scenarios. Think outside the box and find ways to use items. You will be surprised at what pieces are transferable to other chairs or office equipment.

You can remove castor wheels for use with other chairs or attach them to desks or shelves as needed. Lumbar support cushions will fit on many additional styles of office chairs to provide continuous support.

Sometimes keeping spare parts around will come in handy later. You may need a wheel for a broken chair or a back piece later. Any part of the office chair that you reuse helps reduce items in the landfill.

Haul it Away Yourself

If your chair is unusable and cannot be sold or donated, you will need to haul it away.

If you are short on time, choosing to do this yourself could be the quickest way to dispose of an office chair.

This method requires your time and energy as well as a vehicle to transport it to a depot. Some research is necessary to ensure your local waste disposal station accepts office furniture.

Once you determine where you can take it, all you need is some time and elbow grease for disposal.

Use a Junk Hauling Company

For those with several office furniture pieces, using a junk hauling company can make the job easier. These professionals are well-equipped with the proper vehicles and correct disposal methods.

You will not have to worry about scheduling your free time to haul away your chair.

Some junk hauling companies will offer discounts if you have a large number of items. Check with your local company to see if it is cost-effective for them to dispose of your office chair.

If you only have one piece, it may cost more than your allowable budget.

The Takeaway

Whether you are moving office buildings or upgrading your company furniture, disposal methods are vital. How you get rid of your large furniture pieces can impact your time, the environment, and budget.

Disposing of only one office chair can be an easy task. Consequently, if you have many office chairs to get rid of, it could be worth looking into disposal options.

Whether you handle it yourself or hire a company, disposal methods should be environmentally friendly.

Keep in mind the 3 R’s of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle when you want to dispose of an office chair.

Proper disposal options are essential for individuals and organizations, no matter where you are located.

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