Berlman Ergonomic High-back Mesh Office Chair Review

Berlman offers a fantastic High back mesh office chair which is ergonomically designed for comfort. The integrated frame is stable and durable making it ideal for office use.

Its contoured breathable mesh back makes you feel comfortable for those long hours of working.

It is pretty easy to set up and has arm-rests that can be retracted upwards to save space and push the chair under the desk.

It swivels and has a tilt or straight lock mechanism as well as tilt tension knob providing different options for tilting and good stability.

Berlman ergonomic high back mesh office chair gives great value at a good price. You don’t need to spend hundreds when all that you need is in this chair.

You no longer have to strain your back by sitting in an office chair. This chair gives you all the body support you need. With built-in lumbar support, it keeps your back completely supported. The padded headrest is perfect in ensuring the body gets a balanced weight distribution.

With adjustable armrests, the chair keeps the body in correct ergonomics.

Key features of the Berlman Ergonomic High-back Mesh Office Chair

Berlman ergonomic chair features built-in lumbar support and headrest which helps users to sit in a naturally aligned body position. It protects against injuries of the shoulder, neck, and waist.

It features pneumatic height adjustments to help fit people of different statures and make them comfortable. The height adjustability is quite high from 17.7-21.7 inches

Berlman Ergonomic High-back Mesh Office Chair Review

The back is made up of mesh which helps in air circulation and keeps the back cool against sweat. The office chair is made up of heavy-duty base smooth castors which remain silent when moved.

The armrests can be flipped up to 90-degree angles. This helps in saving space by pushing the chair under the desk. It also helps in sitting back up and also in sitting cross-legged.

Berlman Ergonomic Office Chair – Product description

Berlman ergonomic High back mesh office chair comes in the dimensions of 26*26*49 inches and weighs 33.3 pounds.

The maximum weight bearing capacity is 250lbs. The highest height of the seat is 20 inches. The dimensions of the seat are 19.5 inches wide and 20 inches is made up of mesh and foam. The distance between the arms inside the narrowest point is 19.5 inches.

The back of the chair is made up of nylon mesh. The height of the backrest is 28 inches. The headrest is wide and thick. The length of the headrest is 14.8 *7.8. The height of the chair from top to bottom is 45-49 inches.

Berlman ergonomic High back mesh office chair tilts and reclines which is very important for releasing tension in your lower back. It can recline up to 40-45 degrees. Choose your favorite reclining position to work or even take a quick nap.

The chair also comes with a tilt tension control feature so you can adjust the amount of effort it takes to tilt the backrest.

What we Liked about the Berlman Ergonomic Chair

When it comes to an ergonomic office chair, there is no one size that fits all. That is why adjustability is so important to fit different statures of people.

With a fantastic pneumatic height adjustment control, you can adjust the height of the chair according to your preference.

Berlman Ergonomic High-back Mesh Office Chair Review

The arms can be folded upwards and the chair can be easily moved inside the desk. The arms cannot, however, be removed. They can retract up to 90 degrees which is a great feature for saving space or getting up. Flipping the arms also give good space to sit cross-legged on the seat

The lumbar is adjustable. There is a groove in the back and it can slide either up or down about four inches. Find the perfect tilt angle and lumbar support position after fine-tuning a couple of times.

It is tough and sturdy and easy to clean. The headrest is wide enough for comfort.

The mesh surface is made of synthetic material that holds up well and is highly breathable. This really helps if you live in a hot climate and are prone to sweating. It minimizes the uncomfortable experience of your back sticking to the surface of your chair on a sunny day.

With Berlman chair, you don’t need to worry about aches and pains. It is designed to give maximum comfort keeping in mind the alignment of the human body.

Unless you are able to sit perfectly upright for many hours every day like a zombie, a Berlman ergonomic high back mesh chair offers you options to tilt and recline to ease the pressure on your spine, neck, and shoulders.

It is economical and cost-effective providing all the necessary ergonomic support at a budget-friendly rate.

What’s Not so Good

It is ideal for tall people, but not a good chair for short people. The headrest is not comfortable for short people. Some users of short height have complained of their feet not touching the floor at a minimum height of the chair.

Looking for an ergonomic chair for short people – check our best ergonomic chairs for short people review.

The seat and backrest cannot be locked at the recline position. They also tilt together and not independent of each other. The pelvic tilt is not possible in this chair. Synchro tilting is generally more ergonomic than basic tilting that is present in this chair.

This is because it keeps your knees and arms at the preferred 75-90 degree angle that doctors recommend you maintain while working. Berlman chair, unfortunately, does not offer this feature.

Some people may find the seat a bit uncomfortable. It is only about four inches thick and made up of foam material encased in nylon.

Although the armrests can be moved up and down, they are not height adjustable. They cannot be moved in and out horizontally (2D) either to fully support your arms if you are leaning forwards or have long arms.

The mesh can irritate bare skin for some people and can be uncomfortable. The downside of the mesh lacks cushioning especially around the lumbar edges where the mesh meets the frame.

It does not have good footrests for the feet to rest. This is a setback for a good ergonomic chair. In the case of short heights, the feet will not rest flat on the floor and good footrest will be needed.

It also lacks a good seat pan depth adjustment that is used to move the seat forward or back. This feature helps to ensure the bottom of the thighs is fully rested on the chair regardless of torso length or body size. Berlman ergonomic chair has overlooked this important feature.

The chair does not have a height-adjustable headrest. The height-adjustable headrest ensures that it properly aligns with the back of your head regardless of your height or sitting posture. Even the backrest is unmovable and cannot be raised up or down for comfort.

There are also some options in the market for angled headrests that can be angled up and down 30 degrees to better fit the curvature of your neck. The headrest in this chair cannot be adjusted.

The reclining angle is limited ( about 40-45 degrees). There should have been more variations in the reclining angles.

Some tips to Make the Best Use of an Ergonomic Chair

Even the best ergonomic office chair will not help if you practice poor sitting habits. All wrong positions restrict healthy blood flow and build up uneven tension in the body leading to back pain, neck pain and even muscular diseases over time.

A good ergonomic position is as follows. The back should be properly aligned with the backrest. Do not slouch or lean forward for long. When tired, get up and take a quick walk or stretch.

Your arms should be bent at an angle between 75-90 degrees against the armrests of the chair. Both feet should be firmly planted on the ground when seated. If your feet are too short to reach the floor, purchase a footrest. Keep your knees even with your hips and at a 90-degree angle. Pull your shoulders back until they are straight.

And most importantly, don’t remain seated for hours on end. Alternate between sitting, standing and taking short breaks. Cornel university’s research recommends the following regime: sit for 20 minutes, stand for eight minutes and walk for two minutes.

Final Words

Berlman ergonomic high back mesh office chair is a perfect ergonomic chair. It supports the lower back with the help of adjustable lumbar and has a well-contoured rest back keeping the spine in alignment.

It cushions the bottom without cutting off circulation to the thighs allowing many hours of sitting in comfort.

The best thing about this chair is that it does not limit your options for configuring the chair height according to preference. It swivels and tilts and is sturdy enough to remain stable.

With all the basic features at a budget-friendly price, Berlman ergonomic high back mesh office chair is truly a comfortable chair to own!

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