10 Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk

An ergonomic footrest is one of the best ways to ensure an upright posture. It can do wonders to keep your back straight and get the blood circulation going in the legs. For one, it completely takes off the load off the legs and allows a comfortable spot to work in.

It encourages active sitting by engaging your core and helps you maintain a healthy 90-degree posture. With a fantastic rocking motion, a footrest actively coaxes movement in the feet.

Apart from a firm yet soft resting platform, an ergonomic footrest also work to prevent blood clots and reduce swelling in your feet.

Simply reclining on an ergonomic chair isn’t enough to maintain an upright posture. If your feet are dangling off the floor or your legs are slouched, it can be really hard to maintain a straight back. A footrest takes the pressure off the legs and the back and effectively distributes the bodyweight equally.

If you still haven’t invested in a footrest, now is the time. Durable, easy-to-clean, and ergonomically designed, a plush footrest is exactly what you need.

In this article, I cover the best ergonomic footrests under desk that will improve your sitting posture, and allow you to work comfortably for hours.

Our Pick – Top 3 Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best ergonomic footrest under desk.

#1 #2 #3
ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Premium Velvet Soft... Amazon Basics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black Office Ottoman Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Premium...
Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk
$$ $ $$
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Still confused about which ergonomic footrest under desk is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best ergonomic footrest under the desk that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each ergonomic footrest under the desk.

Let’s get started!

Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk Reviewed

Below is the table that shows all the ergonomic footrest under the desk covered in this review.

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Premium Velvet Soft... Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk 9.5 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
Amazon Basics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk 9.5 / 10 $ Check Best Price
Office Ottoman Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Premium... Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk 9.0 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
CozyDoc Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball |... CozyDoc Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball |... 9.0 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
StrongTek Ergonomic Wood Foot Rest for Enhanced Circulation &... StrongTek Ergonomic Wood Foot Rest for Enhanced Circulation &... 8.5 / 10 $$$ Check Best Price
Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Office Work,... Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Office Work,... 8.5 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
Office Foot Rest Under Desk: New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion... Office Foot Rest Under Desk: New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion... 8.0 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
HUANUO Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, with 2 Optional Covers... HUANUO Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, with 2 Optional Covers... 8.0 / 10 $$$ Check Best Price
HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest, Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest... HUANUO Ergonomic Footrest, Adjustable Under Desk Foot Rest... 7.5 / 10 $$ Check Best Price
HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, Foot Rest for Under Desk... HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, Foot Rest for Under Desk... 7.5 / 10 $$ Check Best Price

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the ergonomic footrest under desk covered in this article.

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Premium Velvet Soft...
  • Most Comfortable Foot Rest in the World - While "pure memory...
  • Work From Home in Comfort - ErgoFoam's ergonomic desk foot rest...
  • Wider Than Other Memory Foam Foot Rests - The ErgoFoam foot rest...

ErgoFoam is known for its premium footrests that are made with the highest quality velvet material. Owning the claim of “the most comfortable footrest in the world”, the foam is designed beautifully to give your feet comfort all day long.

The cushion provides firm and strong support to the underfoot and encourages a healthy posture. By keeping your feet properly aligned, it improves leg circulation and prevents slouching.

ErgoFoam is a versatile product to invest in— you can take it to work for a comfy sitting positing, take it along with you if you are traveling, or simply use it at home. The foam comfortably molds to your feet and keeps them warm under the desk while you work.

You can even turn it upside down for a leveled footrest. Enjoy personalized comfort with ErgoFoam – the best footrest under desk!

Stand Out Features

  • Premium velvet material for a luxurious, plush foot support
  • Firm and durable to reduce fatigue and soreness in back, feet, and legs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides firm and strong support to the feet
  • Increases comfort
  • Encourages a healthy sitting posture
  • Improves blood circulation in the legs
  • Work and travel-friendly
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • The footrest is too low for short heights

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

Amazon Basics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black
  • Footrest for placement under a desk offers enhanced comfort when...
  • Elevates feet and legs when sitting
  • Free-floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and...

Next on our list is an ergonomic and easy-to-use footrest by Amazon. With a multi-position design, the footrest is built to reduce fatigue and physical stress in the lower leg region. The best thing about this platform is that it’s free floating.

You can move it for a comfortable leg position and stretch your legs far and wide with its tilt feature. Simply apply some pressure to the platform to tilt it for a cozy footrest. Owing to its brilliant ergonomic design, you will also find circular bumps that improve circulation.

They also gently massage the soles of your feet. All in all, the footrest encourages a healthy 90-degree posture and improves your alignment. Its design also maintains the natural curvature of your feet by slightly elevating them.

Made with top-notch, durable plastic, this one is both travel-friendly and ideal to keep under your desk. Easy to clean and super-cheap, AmazonBasics provides amazing value at a reasonable price!

Stand Out Features

  • Free-floating platform with special tilt feature
  • Textured surface for gentle massage and improved circulation
  • Carpet-friendly
  • Multi-position ergonomic design for enhanced comfort
  • Elevated feature for comfortable feet and leg position
  • Stays securely on the carpet
  • Ideal for home and desk use
  • Budget-friendly and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • There is no lock for the footrest position
  • No adjustable height feature

Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion

Office Ottoman Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, Premium...
  • 【Reliable Everlasting Comfort.】 – Office Ottoman Foot Rest...
  • 【Work Pain-Free.】 – Back and neck stiffening? Achy feet?...
  • 【Workspace For Anyplace. Portable.】 – Whether working from...

This footrest by Office Ottoman is known for its cushion-soft comfort. Even though it’s non-adjustable, its semi-circular design allows you to rest your feet at any desired angle. If you need a rocker underneath your feet, simply flip it upside down for a relaxing sway.

If you want a curved footrest to reduce tight knots in the feet, use the cylindrical side. Stitched with a durable velour cover, you can put on a foot cover without worrying about stains or smears.

It’s also super-easy to clean, considering that it’s machine washable. The textured, treaded surface offers slip-resistant surface that stays in place. You won’t have to worry about a “lock feature” because the footrest remains stationary on different surfaces like wooden floors.

Another great thing about this one is its hypoallergenic and anti-microbial feature to keep your feet clean. It will resist bacterial growth and prevent foot odor. Ideal for both home and office use, this footrest is ideal to use in small spaces like under your desk or in the car.

Stand Out Features

  • Velour cover; machine-washable
  • Carpet-friendly
  • The treaded surface is slip-resistant over a range of surfaces
  • Ergonomic design for rocking position and flat footrest
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Maintains upright sitting posture
  • Elevated position improves natural curvature of the feet
  • One-year warranty
  • 4” height isn’t suitable for short users
  • The zipper on the foot cover may cause scratches on the floor

COZYDOC Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball

CozyDoc Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk + Massage Ball |...
  • 👣 FOOT RESTS REINVENTED: Unlike standard footrests, our...
  • 👨‍⚕️ DOCTOR-DESIGNED COMFORT: Relax your feet on our...
  • 🌟 SUPERIOR FEATURES: 1) Our premium foot rests feature a...

Another great addition to our list is the COZYDOC footrest. The company promises to reinvent footrests by creating a therapeutic-grade and state-of-the-art ergonomic platform. Made with high-rebound foam, the footrest is stitched from velvet.

Smooth, plush, and soft, the footrest is super comfy to keep under the desk. Whether you are wearing socks or shoes or are bare feet, you’ll find this footrest to be extremely comfortable. Multi-purpose, versatile, and orthopedically designed, the product also comes with a relaxing spiky massage ball that works to relieve foot fatigue.

The foot cover is hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and easy-to-clean. It’s travel-friendly, small, and light-weight. What else do you need?

Stand Out Features

  • Made with high-rebound foam for the firm and strong feel
  • The multi-purpose footrest can be used at home, work, in a plane, or car
  • Hygienic, anti-slip cushion cover
  • Spiky massage ball for a relaxing foot massage
  • Travel-friendly
  • Ergonomically designed with strong and firm material
  • Hypoallergenic and slip-resistant
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Improves leg circulation and maintains an upright sitting position
  • Smart zipper – doesn’t scratch on surfaces
  • Travel-friendly
  • Orthopedically designed for sore, aching feet, legs, and back
  • Rocking feature
  • The material isn’t firm enough

StrongTek Foot Rest Rocker under Desk with Rocking Step Stool, and Balance Board

StrongTek Ergonomic Wood Foot Rest for Enhanced Circulation &...
  • Durable Design: Our wooden rocking footrest, superior to plastic...
  • Comfort and Adjustability: Experience unparalleled comfort with...
  • Anti-slip and Secure: With a grippy surface, our footrest ensures...

StrongTek offers amazing value at an ordinary price. This footrest has made it to our list because of its simple yet elegant natural wood construction. Normally, wood surfaces are hard and because of their lightweight, they can’t be locked in a position.

However, this footrest seems to defy all odds. Designed to drastically reduce foot fatigue, this ergonomic footrest gently lifts the feet, knees, and lower legs to improve blood circulation and encourage a healthy posture.

Manufactured using a heavy-duty Lauan hardwood plywood, this footrest is durable and built to last. With a textured surface, the footrest is designed with an anti-slip grip surface that allows your feet to maintain control.

Owing to its “curved feet” feature, you can even rock and tilt it however you want. Don’t worry about your feet slipping off the platform as its strong grip surface keeps the feet stationed. Durable, extremely comfortable, and boasting a unique design, enjoy a wonderful footrest at work and home.

Stand Out Features

  • Constructed with Heavy-duty Lauan hardwood plywood
  • Anti-slip grip surface for greater control
  • Ergonomically designed to distribute body weight equally
  • Takes the pressure off the legs and back
  • Durable, built to last
  • Elevated design improves blood circulation
  • Encourages healthy, upright sitting posture
  • Smart and unique design
  • Quality wears off overtime
  • Expensive

Everlasting Comfort 100% Memory Foam Foot Rest

Everlasting Comfort Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk - Office Work,...
  • Leg Elevation Pillows: Leg support pillow foot rest acts as a...
  • Under Desk Foot Rest For Office: Designed with an ergonomic...
  • Foot Rest For Under Desk At Work: Office foot rest under desk for...

If you are looking for a uniquely designed footrest that doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality, then this is it. The footrest by Everlasting Comfort is made with 100% pure memory foam, which makes it exceptionally durable, firm, and cozy.

The footrest is specially designed to fit the weight and shape of your feet. Its firm and strong material allows your feet to sink in just enough to provide you with stable comfort. The surface encourages active sitting as it improves blood circulation through the legs and keeps your back upright.

Its unique orthopedic “teardrop” curve supports the natural curvature of your feet and protects your plantar fascia. Its heat-responsiveness molds itself to the shape of your feet to keep that blood circulation going.

Crafted with a soft, velour cover, the footrest is easy-to-clean and machine washable.

Stand Out Features

  • Orthopedic “teardrop” design – keeps feet in an ergonomically correct position
  • Heat-responsive design that responds to the body’s temperature and fits perfectly to your feet’s shape
  • Non-slip surface to help lock the footrest in position
  • Machine-washable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unique half-moon design supports the feet, plantar fascia, legs, and back
  • Ergonomic design helps maintain an upright posture
  • Offers everlasting comfort over a firm platform
  • Travel-friendly – ideal to use in the plane and car
  • Too small, so doesn’t allow spacious feet movement
  • Non-adjustable height

Office Foot Rest Under Desk: New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion

Office Foot Rest Under Desk: New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion...
  • Get Comfy at Your Desk – If sitting at your desk causes you...
  • Supportive and Comfortable – There’s nothing worse than an...
  • Suitable for Most Heights – Our unique, innovative angled and...

You can stay super-comfy at the workplace with this ergonomic Office footrest under the desk. Supported by an amazing ergonomic design, this cushion works to get rid of poor posture, aching limbs, and sore feet. With this footrest, you will feel like you’ve stepped on a lump of clouds because it offers unmatched comfort.

However, its comfy features don’t compromise its firmness and ability to maintain an upright posture. A high-rebound footstool, the built is resilient, durable, and strikes the perfect balance between too hard and too flat.

The hygienic, anti-microbial, and machine-washable footrest offers your feet extreme comfort throughout the day. Enjoy a therapeutic massage with or without shoes over the cushion. And, if you’d like a rocker bottom, simply flip the platform upside down and allow your feet to tilt and relax.

If you have restless legs, use this platform to calm down the agitation that is perfectly suitable for most heights.

Stand Out Features

  • High rebound construction
  • Angled and slanted to adjust to different heights
  • Rocker bottom for a “rock and tilt” feature
  • Perfectly firm yet soft for maximum foot comfort
  • Can be adjusted for most heights
  • Encourages active sitting and maintains an upright posture
  • Hygienic, anti-microbial foot cover
  • Ergonomic design that offers therapeutic foot massage
  • Improves blood circulation in the feet and lower legs
  • Smart, unique, and plush design
  • The foot cover liner has a strong chemical smell
  • The foam may soften over time

Adjustable Foot Rest – Plane by HUANUO

HUANUO Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work, with 2 Optional Covers...
  • 2 Optional covers for replacing - This ergonomic under desk foot...
  • Ergonomic foot rest office - Improving posture and blood...
  • Multifunctional foot rests - The height can be adjusted manually...

When it comes to stylish, comfy, and sturdy footrests, HUANUO is an easily recognizable one. The spectacular company boasts the next three footrests on our list. Introducing the Adjustable footrest by HUANUO, this one is known for its impressive height adjustability feature.

Equipped with 2 different positions— 1.75” and 4.15”– this footrest offers ample relaxation for both tall and short users. It can easily extend, allowing you to relax your feet. The footrest has massaging micro-beads that improve blood circulation and prevent muscle fatigue.

Its high-rebound construction with magic tape and micro-beads truly stands out. It allows the footrest to stay in one place, so you can easily find a comfy position for your feet. Offering a 5-year warranty and a money-back guarantee, the HUANUO really outdid themselves with the plush fabric, soft feel, and amazing foot support.

Stand Out Features

  • High-rebound footstool
  • Ergonomic design with micro-beads and magic tape
  • Machine-washable for easy cleanup
  • 2 different height adjustments for maximum foot comfort
  • 5-year warranty by HUANUO
  • Smart, ergonomic design that improves active sitting
  • Great for people with short height
  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • Micro-beads gently massage the feet and boost blood circulation
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Smooth zippers that cover both sides of the footrest
  • Micro-beads are too hard for people with a foot condition
  • The fabric may wear off over time

Ergonomic Footrest by HUANUO

This ergonomic footrest is HUANUO’s brainchild. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it because of its motion-friendly, sleek, and smart design. Available with two motion options, this footrest allows you to move your feet in any position or angle you find comfortable.

The foot cushions are large and spacious, allowing you to move your foot easily. The surface area of the plate can easily accommodate both tall and short users. The footrest works to keep your body energetic for a long time by keeping your feet and lower legs elevated.

The non-slip rubber traction treads allow the feet to maintain control and lock them in position in one place. With a foot rocker that elevates the feet and legs, you can sit comfortably all day long.

Stand Out Features

  • Anti-slip rubber traction treads for an ergonomic footrest that can be locked in position
  • Quicker rocking motion to improve circulation in feet, legs, and back
  • High and low motion levels to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Ergonomic, elevated design to improve blood circulation
  • Large and spacious footrest plate to accommodate a range of foot shapes and sizes
  • Comfortable, durable, and lightweight
  • Reduces foot fatigue and tight muscle knots
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty
  • The rocking feature is not stable
  • Not carpet-friendly

HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, Foot Rest for Under Desk...
  • Ergonomic Office footrest - Helps to improve posture by keeping...
  • Adjustable Height - Height is manually adjustable to 3 different...
  • Easy Angle Adjustment - Tilts -30°- +30°to support your legs at...

Lastly, we have the adjustable under desk footrest by HUANUO that is just as comfy, durable, and versatile as the other two. However, its ergonomic design and fantastic 30-degree tilt set it apart from other products.

HUANUO bundled all the top-quality features in one footrest. Starting off with its sleek, ergonomic design – the platform is slightly elevated to boost circulation in the feet and legs. The titled feature helps to improve posture while providing ample relaxation to your feet.

And, did we mention that it has 3 different positions for an adjustable height? This makes it incredibly easy for you to find that sweet spot as you labor away on your desk. The textured surface consists of circular bumps that deliver a gentle massage to the underfoot. Versatile, pre-assembled, and extremely easy to use, this footrest is a real keeper!

Stand Out Features

  • Easy angle adjustable with a 30 Degree tilt for maximum leg and foot support
  • Adjustable height with three different positions
  • Pre-assembled and slip-resistant
  • Textured, non-skid surface
  • Elevated, ergonomic design for maximum foot support
  • Rocking motion to allow blood flow to the legs
  • Soft, firm, and light-weight
  • Improves posture and the natural curvature of the feet
  • Durable construction
  • Travel-friendly; perfect for both office and home use
  • 5-year warranty
  • The lock feature is not stable
  • Plastic is not durable

How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Footrest

Investing in an ergonomic footrest should always be a calculated, careful decision. Many footrests claim fantastic foot support; however, not all of them will stand the test of time.

Even when you don’t know the effectiveness of a product in the long-run, there are many factors that can help you predict the efficacy, durability, and comfort of a footrest. Here are a few features that your footrest should have.

Ergonomic Design

There are many things that comprise an ergonomic design. A semi-cylindrical or a half-moon shape is ideal for maximum foot comfort. Even if the footrest is flat, make sure it has a “rocking bottom feature” or can be flipped upside down for a curved surface.

An ergonomic footrest will always work to encourage active sitting, improve blood circulation in the feet, and have visible curves.

Textured Surface

You’ve probably seen orthopedically designed shoes that have circular bumps over them. The intent behind this textured surface is to allow a gentle massage to your feet while pumping up the blood circulation.

When you’re sitting 8 hours of the day with very little breaks, it’s highly important to keep your body as active as possible. And, you can easily do that by rubbing your feet over the treaded surface of the footrest.

You can always opt for smooth surfaces if all you want is a footrest, but if you’re looking for that extra massage, then textured surface it is.

High-Rebound Foam

Footrests come in different materials like wood, plastic, and foam. However, they are most commonly available in high-quality foam. Wood and plastic can be hard surfaces if you have a foot condition.

The high-rebound foam gives cushion-comfort to your feet and prevents a poor sitting position. Foam, therefore, is a good option for a footrest because it is extremely comfortable and molds to your foot shape, unlike hard surfaces.


Versatility is accompanied by multi-purpose features in a footrest. The product you buy should be travel-friendly and fit in small areas like cars, planes, and under the desk. They should also have a rocking tilt feature to allow freedom of foot movement.

A footrest that is locked in place and doesn’t allow you to tilt your feet can quickly become a source of fatigue. Therefore, always choose versatility over price when it comes to a handy footrest.


Most people undermine the slip-resistant capacity of a footrest. However, it’s incredibly important. Your footrest should have a strong grip over different kinds of surfaces. If it’s flimsy, your feet will easily wobble and move around, making it really comfortable to sit.

The footrest you choose should have an anti-slip grip surface to help your feet maintain control as you work.


Lastly, make sure that the material is easy-to-clean. Always buy a footrest that is machine-washable to prevent dust, grime, and germs from lingering over the foot cover. In fact, many footrests are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic that prevent germs and foot odor.


A footrest can turn your 9-to-5 job into a breeze. Allow your feet to rest in a comfy and cozy position as you work, travel, or simply read a book in the comfort of your house.

Having a footrest by your side will do wonders to improve active sitting and keep your body healthy. Use the above-mentioned tips to invest in the best ergonomic footrest under desk that will last you a lifetime!

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