9 Ergonomic Keyboard Benefits and Why You Must Get One

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to minimize the awkward position of hands while typing. The prolonged movement of hands in such positions can cause strain or injury.

There are different many different types of user-friendly keyboards available in the market including contoured, mechanical, split, angled and small hand keyboards, handheld keyboards, etc.

Below are some of the benefits of ergonomic keyboards

Provides comfort to hands, wrists, and fingers

The design of ergonomic keyboards maintains a good vertical hand position easing access to touchpad and mouse

The ergonomic design ensures a neutral position of hands by preventing you to restrain your hand/wrist or fingers while typing.

It provides comfort to the fingers by not requiring any pressure. The buttons are lightweight and touch-sensitive making them easy to use.

The contoured layout of ergonomic keyboards place the keys at shoulder width and that makes both arms and hands perpendicular to the body and relaxed.

Using the verticle layout position wrist rotation of hands is minimized as well as its ill effects on health.

The design of numeric numbers is on the left so that the right hand can be as close as possible to the mouse. A natural fall of the hand occurs when typing on an ergonomic keyboard.

Here is the link to some of the scientific research on ergonomic keyboards

Reduces the risk of typing injuries

Repeating the same unnatural movements repeatedly can damage the hand and can lead to serious injury. One of them is carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is a passageway in the wrist about an inch across. Carpal bone makes an arch on the top and sides and a ligament encloses the tunnel on the palm side.

These components protect the carpal nerve but its an extremely packed tight area.

Daily contortion causes swelling, irritates the nerves leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another damage ergonomic keyboard prevents is RSI (repetitive strain injury). When uncomfortable movements of hands occur repeatedly again and again for a long duration of time, it leads to RBI. Without treatment, symptoms get worse and cause longer periods of pain.

All these damages take a long time to heal. One of the benefits of ergonomic keyboards is that they prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

Reduces workplace stress by being easy to use.

Now you may be wondering what workplace stress has to do with an ergonomic keyboard. The American Institute of stress found 12% of workers complaining of hurting hands. Their keyboard and mouse caused them hand and wrist pain day in and out.

They were not able to maintain focus and complained of disengagement with work leading to less productivity. An ergonomic keyboard reduces workplace stress by removing the strain out of hand, arms, and wrist. It is light and touch-sensitive making it easy to use and a delight for typing.

By taking the strain equation out of workplace stress, the ergonomic keyboard helps a great deal to counter stress and helps to focus on work.

Boosts productivity

By typing in a more natural and relaxed position, the typing speed and performance are bound to increase. It makes the person able to work for a longer duration and accomplish more tasks.

It is as simple as that. If the keyboard causes fatigue, it keeps the person from accomplishing tasks and improving performance. Pain and frustration slow down productivity.

The time that is taken to accomplish a task increases and causes a person to lose time. Not only loose time but lose the chance of raises /promotions so in turn loose money.

An ergonomic keyboard enhances the ability to work and improve productivity by saving both time and money.

Cost-effective and impresses the employees

Ergonomic keyboards are built to last for a long duration and are less susceptible to button malfunction. Hence eliminating the need for constant replacement or repair.

Moreover, it causes time and money when employees quit. Giving them an ergonomic keyboard shows them you care. An empathetic workplace is bound to keep the employees happy.

In the 2019 state of workplace empathy study, a leading software HR company found 93% of employees say they are more likely to stay with an empathetic employer.

By giving them an ergonomic keyboard and sharing with them the benefits of it, the employees feel valued. They should know that their long term health is a high priority in the organization. This makes them happy and loyal.

Helps to avoid claims and compensation benefits

Injury and damage to hands, wrists require compensation benefits and even claims. This can be avoided by giving the employees an ergonomic keyboard. It will prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injury, etc.

This, in turn, will help the employer against paid time off, doctor and rehabilitation bills, loss of production time, etc. It will also prevent damaged morale of other employees who might wonder if they too are at risk of injury. It will prevent legal fees if the claim becomes litigated.

With an ergonomic keyboard, you can be sure that the damage never occurs in the first place.

Designed for heavy use

The best thing about ergonomic keyboards is that it is designed for heavy use. Like for example if you are a programmer or developer, long days spent at the computer no longer result in tired and cramped hands.

Ergonomic keyboards are also beneficial for gaming. It is bound to improve their response times and precision as ergonomic keyboards are very easy on the hand.

Be warned of useful addiction 😉

Portability Allows Ergonomic on the Go

There are many ergonomic keyboards that are portable and can go with you wherever you want. Some are designed as a remote and are hand-held without the need to put on a flat surface.

The benefit of being no longer tied to the desk increases productivity.

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Types of ergonomic keyboards

Some of the popular ergonomic keyboards are split, mechanical, contoured, angled and handheld.

Contoured keyboards are shaped as waves or domes and help in naturally positioning arms while typing.

In the split keyboard, the keys are split into two or three groups but are on the same single keyboard. They allow typing at different angles.

Angled split keyboard is where the keyboard is split and angled up like a tent. It is also called a klockenburg keyboard. The index finger is higher than the little fingers while typing.

The hand-held keyboard looks like a game controller. It is different from traditional keyboards. It lets the user move around the room or lean back on the chair while typing.


Say goodbye to pain, fatigue, workplace stress and potential injury with ergonomic keyboards.

A one-time investment they are bound to last for years and is therefore cost-effective.

Working on keyboards will no longer make you feel exhausted

It will make you more productive and make you earn more money by effectively utilizing your time. The lightweight, easy to use, ergonomic keyboard is available in different designs according to personal preference.

As they make the environment less prone to injuries, they are gaining huge popularity. Get one for yourself and experience a more convenient, injury-free working space.

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