10 Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards

Ergonomic mechanical keyboards have become quite popular among office workers and even gamers.

Apart from the clickity sound it makes, what makes mechanical keyboards useful is that these are meant for high-duty usage. These are lot more robust and responsive as compared with the regular keyboards.

If you’re reading this article, I will not be wrong in assuming that you’re looking for the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

So let me not waste any time and give you the top three ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Later, I cover the 10 best mechanical keyboards with a detailed review of each keyboard.

Our Pick – Top 3 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

#1 #2 #3
[amazon link=”B07SW1S3YZ” value=”title”] [amazon link=”B016MAK38U” value=”title”] [amazon link=”B01AVQT95Y” value=”title”]
[amazon fields=”B07SW1S3YZ” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B016MAK38U” value=”thumb”] [amazon fields=”B01AVQT95Y” value=”thumb”]
$$$ $ $
[amazon fields=”B07SW1S3YZ” value=”button” button_text=”Check on Amazon”] [amazon fields=”B016MAK38U” value=”button” button_text=”Check on Amazon”] [amazon fields=”B01AVQT95Y” value=”button” button_text=”Check on Amazon”]

Still confused about which ergonomic mechanical keyboard is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

Let’s get started!

Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

Below is the table that shows all the ergonomic mechanical keyboards covered in this review.

[amazon link=”B07SW1S3YZ” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07SW1S3YZ” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.5 / 10 $$$ [amazon link=”B07SW1S3YZ” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B016MAK38U” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B016MAK38U” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.5 / 10 $ [amazon link=”B016MAK38U” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B01AVQT95Y” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B01AVQT95Y” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.0 / 10 $ [amazon link=”B01AVQT95Y” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07DFBKYT5″ value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07DFBKYT5″ value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 9.0 / 10 $ [amazon link=”B07DFBKYT5″ title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07B4ZD85H” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07B4ZD85H” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.5 / 10 $ [amazon link=”B07B4ZD85H” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07CHFS3FC” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07CHFS3FC” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.5 / 10 $$$ [amazon link=”B07CHFS3FC” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07CX9KQRQ” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07CX9KQRQ” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.0 / 10 $$$ [amazon link=”B07CX9KQRQ” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07JPXD9LX” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07JPXD9LX” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 8.0 / 10 $$ [amazon link=”B07JPXD9LX” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B071W16NVZ” value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B071W16NVZ” value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 7.5 / 10 $ [amazon link=”B071W16NVZ” title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]
[amazon link=”B07TGPN6P2″ value=”title”] [amazon fields=”B07TGPN6P2″ value=”thumb” image_class=”pdt-image”] 7.5 / 10 $$$ [amazon link=”B07TGPN6P2″ title=”Check Best Price” link_class=”tg-butn”/]

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the ergonomic mechanical keyboard covered in this article.

[amazon link=”B07SW1S3YZ” title=”KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B07SW1S3YZ”]

This ergonomic mechanical keyboard has been designed keeping the needs and wants of gamers in mind. The versatile split design allows the user to move the right half of the keyboard and make space for the mouse. This allows for enhanced endurance and precise aiming during the game, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Apart from that, this gaming keyboard gives you the freedom to configure your setup however you want. For instance, you can place the microphone between the two key modules for the ideal sound.

You can also position the joystick between the key modules for ideal access to different keys and the joystick. In short, this ergonomic mechanical keyboard can help you stay at the top of your game in every way!

Stand-Out Features

  • Split design with two key modules
  • Immersive RGB lighting – 16.8 M color/key
  • Premium quality mechanical switches – Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches
  • Completely programmable
  • Highly compatible – plug-and-play
  • First-class palm pads
  • Low force mechanical switches allow for professional-grade responsiveness
  • Highly durable
  • Backlighting comes with 10 different customizable effects
  • Powerful customization tools
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Mac. Additional driver installation is not required
  • Cushioned palm pad included with the keyboard for enhanced comfort
  • This keyboard is more on the expensive side
  • Space bars are of a non-standard size so finding alternative keycaps can be a challenge

[amazon link=”B016MAK38U” title=”Redragon K552 Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B016MAK38U”]

Redragon K552 is another mechanical gaming keyboard. However, it is equally good to be used for everyday use if you enjoy working with a mechanical keyboard. There are 87 plate-mounted keys.

The metal construction of the keys and double-shot injected molded keycaps guarantees durability. Furthermore, high-end mechanical switches are employed to enhance the comfort of the user and the overall feel of using the keyboard.

Stand-Out Features

  • 87 conflict-free keys and 12 multimedia keys
  • Outemu Blue Key Switches
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Double shot keycaps
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Backlight with adjustable brightness
  • Tenkeyless space-saving design makes it perfect for gaming, and office or home use
  • Claims to have keys tested to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes
  • Clear and uniform backlighting due to double-shot
  • Allows for different backlight settings
  • The base of the keyboard is made of metal alloy to ensure durability
  • Occasional problems with keys
  • Changing the color of individual keys involve a long and tedious process
  • Users often experience key chatter which may drop the typing speed
  • Lack of manual and manufacturer’s instructions can be frustrating for users

[amazon link=”B01AVQT95Y” title=”Havit RGB Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B01AVQT95Y”]

The smooth feel and compact design of Havit RGB Mechanical gaming Keyboard make it famous in the world of gaming. The 6 programmable keys make it ideal to execute complex commands and gain a competitive edge over other plays.

With 110 anti-ghosting Blue Switch keys, this keyboard is comfortable and durable. The detachable wrist rests prevents wrist strain caused by excessive keyboards.

Apart from that, the keyboard has a high aesthetic appeal. There are 5 different editable game light mode groups and 14 different LED backlight. You can also install the Backlit Keyboard Software to access and define millions of combinations for the keyboard backlight.

Stand-Out Features

  • Programmable backlight feature with 14 modes
  • Easy and convenient media control
  • Allows for macro recording
  • Allows for backlight recording
  • Multiple USB ports
  • 50 million clicks life
  • Includes 5 backlit custom keys, 5 multimedia keys, and 6 macro definition keys
  • Allows for the creation of custom game macros
  • Easy media controls so that the user can freely control sounds and music
  • Occasional problems with keys and lights
  • Users sometimes experience “key bouncing” which leads to double-entry of characters
  • Some users reported that the host machine fails to recognize the keyboard after docking and undocking so users are forced to plug and re-plug the keyboard multiple times.

[amazon link=”B07DFBKYT5″ title=”VELOCIFIRE TKL02 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B07DFBKYT5″]

Velocifire mechanical keyboard has been designed for users who spend hours after hours on their computers. This makes it a great option for programmers, copywriters, editors, etc. Brown switches are used to reduce the noise, making these mechanical keyboards much quieter than keyboards with Blue switch keyboards.

The keyboard is slightly curved due to its ergonomic design. This creates a slight arc on which you can fit your hands perfectly. As a result, you can avoid excessive wrist strain even after hours of continuous use of the keyboard.

The keystroke accuracy is high, allowing for easy and fast typing. Cherry on the top – legends are integrated into the keyboard, which ensures long-lasting imprint. In short, this ergonomic is perfect for long time typing.

Stand-Out Features

  • Double-shot mold keycaps
  • Tenkey less – standard layout without the numeric keys
  • Durable Brown Switch
  • Due to the TKL design, the keyboard is compact and it is easier to reach for the mouse
  • Allows for noiseless typing
  • Ergonomic curved keys allow for easy and comfortable typing
  • Universal keycaps
  • NOT compatible with Windows / Boot Camp
  • NOT fully compatible with MAC
  • No low battery warning in the wireless version

[amazon link=”B07B4ZD85H” title=”KLIM Lightning Gaming Keyboard – Semi Mechanical”]

[amazon box=”B07B4ZD85H”]

KLIM Lightning is a hybrid keyboard that is perfect for gamers who are looking to strike the perfect balance between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards.

The keyboard features semi-mechanical keys that allow for enhanced comfort while gaming and exceptional responsiveness associated with mechanical keyboards. At the same time, you can enjoy noiseless keyboard operation and play peacefully.

In simple words, this hybrid keyboard provides the best of both worlds by combining the best features of mechanical and membrane keyboards.

This is why KLIM Lightning is a great option for people who want to increase their typing speed. Apart from that, the keyboard has a metal structure that ensures durability.

Stand-Out Features

  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Breathing effect which changes backlighting colors automatically
  • Heavy to avoid slippage or shaking (1 kg)
  • Easy and direct configuration through the keyboard
  • Reinforced braided cable
  • Anti-scratch protection
  • Comes with a well-written manual with easy to follow instructions
  • Features anti-ghosting technology
  • Additional driver installation is not required
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • The light intensity of the backlight may vary from row to row
  • Not so great for non-gamers

[amazon link=”B07CHFS3FC” title=”Fnatic Streak – LED Backlit Full RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”]

If you are looking for a sleek and beautiful mechanical gaming keyboard, Fnatic Streak is the right choice for you. With a 28mm profile, this keyboard is slim and aesthetically appealing yet powerful.

Keep in mind that lightweight keyboards often lead to slippage or shaking while working or typing. However, this is not the case with Fnatic Streak. This keyboard has been designed to provide a firm grip through the placement of rubber rests at the bottom and large side flip-able feet.

Another great thing about this keyboard is that despite its lightweight, it has been designed to be sturdy and durable. It has ab anodized metal top plate which makes it tough and perfect to be used for gaming.

Stand-Out Features

  • Magnetic signature plate
  • Competition mode
  • LED Backlit Full RGB
  • Cherry MX Silent Red Switches
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest
  • Premium Pro E-sports Gaming Design
  • USB pass-through port

[amazon box=”B07CHFS3FC”]

  • The keyboard allows for custom macros and mappable buttons
  • Features 8 lighting modes that support 16.8 million color options
  • The keyboard is designed t be dust resistant and keys are reinforced with fiber glass
  • The competition mode turns off all distractions to improve focus and helps you win
  • The wrist rest is to be placed in a holder of both sides instead of clipping in
  • The key layout may be unfamiliar for some people
  • No warranty

[amazon link=”B07CX9KQRQ” title=”Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Keyboard (Mechanical, Programmable, Adjustable)”]

[amazon box=”B07CX9KQRQ”]

With 8 office hotkeys, 9 custom layouts, one-touch key remapping, and the SmartSet App Graphical User Interface, Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Keyboard is all about providing ease of use and convenience to the users. This aesthetically appealing ergonomic mechanical keyboard utilizes genuine Cherry Mechanical Switches, which enhances the feel using the keyboard.

The split design makes it easier to set up your station however you want. It also allows for easy control and improved accessibility. The 20” separation cable can be stored in the cable storage compartment when you are not using it.

You can even buy tenting accessories that are sold separately to take the experience of using an ergonomic mechanical keyboard to the next level.

Stand-Out Features

  • Features Cherry Mechanical Switches
  • Compatible with all major OS (Windows 1-10, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome)
  • Pre-configured Dvorak and Mac layouts
  • 4MB flash memory to save settings
  • On-board programmability
  • Feel tactile bump with every key depression
  • Provide options with tactile MX Brown switches and linear MX “Silent” Red switches. YOU can choose the one you like better
  • Come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • No backlighting
  • The key layout may be unfamiliar for some people
  •  No keycaps for Mac media/function keys
  • Can be noisy

[amazon link=”B07JPXD9LX” title=”Retro RGB Mechanical Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B07JPXD9LX”]

Retro RGB Mechanical Keyboard is one of the kind. With round keycaps, the keys are unique and take the aesthetic appeal of the keyboard to the next level. Furthermore, the eye-catching floating-key design works to add a nostalgic touch to the appearance of the keyboard. Tactile and light brown switches are used in this keyboard.

These mechanical switches are designed for durability. They are perfect to be used for long and tiring sessions of gaming. Keep in mind that these brown switches may be quieter than blue switches. However, they still make some noise and are generally louder than red switches.

The keyboard boasts 81 anti-ghosting keys. It also allows multi-keys to work at the same time. It also comes with 10 preset modes of RGB backlighting and different color-flashing speeds.

On top of that, Double-shot injection molded keycaps work to deliver clear and uniform backlighting. It also makes the keyboard highly durable. ABS and metal used in the construction also work to make the keyboard sturdy and tough.

Stand-Out Features

  • E-Element Z-88 Vintage Typewriter-Style with Blue Switch
  • LED Backlit
  • Compact 81 Keys
  • Anti-Ghosting for Mac PC
  • Custom mechanical switches
  • Removable and replaceable USB cable
  • Unique retro appearance
  • N-key rollover
  • Boasts a non-slip design
  •  Splash proof
  • Highly compatible (Compatible with Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA)
  • Flimsy chrome-plastic rings
  • Random flashing patterns may be off-putting for some users
  • Keys light up only when the user touches them
  • The LED (RGB) is relatively limited

[amazon link=”B071W16NVZ” title=”Velocifire Tenkeyless Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Mini “]

[amazon box=”B071W16NVZ”]

This mini keyboard will give you all the space you need on your workstation. The keyboard has a compact layout and concise design that works perfectly for people who spend hours typing away at their keyboards.

It leaves plenty of space for the mouse, making sure you don’t have to reach out for it every time you need to move the cursor on the screen. With its 78-keys compact layout, Velocifire Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Mini is designed to be used for hours without causing wrist strain.

Owing to the ergonomic style of the keyboard, the keys are slightly curved to fit perfectly underneath your hand and help maintain a natural position.

Genuine brown switches are used in Velocifire Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Mini. This makes it quieter than blue switch. However, it is important to keep in mind that the keyboard is not silent. It still produces more noise than an ordinary membrane keyboard.

Stand-Out Features

  • 78-Key Compact Ergonomic
  • Outemu Brown Switches
  • Backlit and Double-Shot ABS Keycaps
  • Low-noise switches
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Highly compatible ( Win10, Win8/8.1, Win7, WinXP, Windows Vista, and Linux)
  • Comes with a wrist rest
  • Hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • Some keys are of non-standard size
  • Some keys light up only when pressed

[amazon link=”B07TGPN6P2″ title=”SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”]

[amazon box=”B07TGPN6P2″]

Available in multiple styles and switches, this gaming keyboard boasts many wonderful features.

You can choose the ones you like the best. It comes with an integrated command center that allows you to adjust settings and track information during the game. It also includes a premium quality magnetic wrist rest which provides a comfortable feel and maximum palm support.

Stand-Out Features

  • OLED Smart Display (integrated command center)
  • USB Passthrough
  • Media Controls
  • RGB Backlit
  • Built using an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability
  • Exceptional backlight customization options with over 16.8 million color options per key
  • Magnetic wrist rest included
  • Not ideal for Mac OS
  • Inadequate customer support services

What is an Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard can be defined as the better version of an ordinary keyboard. These keyboards use physical switches which are placed under every key to record key depression sequence.

This means that every time you press a key on a mechanical keyboard, a mechanical switch is triggered. It bounces back quickly to return the key to its original position. Ordinary keyboards, on the other hand, use a rubber dome under the keys to record the depressions.

In simple words, key construction, working mechanism, framing, and functionality of mechanical keyboards are far superior to their ordinary counterparts. Most of these enhanced features boil down to one thing – feel. Mechanical keyboards simply feel good!

However, this may not be sufficient for some people, especially those who regularly work on their computers for hours. This where ergonomic mechanical keyboards come in!

These keyboards are designed to take the comfort of typing on a keyword to the next level. In addition, they are designed to increase efficiency and may help you improve your performance at work.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Now that you know about some of the top ergonomic mechanical keyboards, let’s take a look at some factors that can help you make the final decision about which product will work best for you!

Noise and Switch

One of the most important things that you must consider while buying an ergonomic mechanical keyboard is noise. Some people enjoy the sound of each key depression, others may find it annoying.

The loudness of sound produced generally depends on the type of switch used in the keyboard. Therefore, it is important to know about different switches.

N-Key Rollover

N-key rollover feature allows you to press multiple keys at the same time. This is an important feature, especially for gamers. However, not all ergonomic mechanical keyboards may have it.

This is why if you want to have this feature in your keyboard, make sure you look for it before buying your new ergonomic mechanical keyboard.


Ergonomic mechanical keyboards are all about the feel and ease of typing. This is perhaps the most important thing that you should look for in a mechanical keyboard.

The keys should be easy to press without applying much pressure. It should not feel mushy or wobbly when you press the keys.


An ergonomic mechanical keyboard is almost useless if it does not feel comfortable to type on it. The entire point of opting for an ergonomic keyboard is to use it without worrying about wrist strain. Therefore, before you invest in a new keyboard, make sure it is comfortable and feels right.

Investing in an ergonomic mechanical keyboard can be one of the best decisions that you make. This is especially true for people who spend the most part of their day typing or gaming. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in an ergonomic mechanical keyboard today and take your typing and gaming experience to the next level!

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