Delux Plus Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse Review

Delux presents a fifth-generation ergonomic vertical wireless mouse with a snap shaped bionic feel.

The femoral bionic design of the Delux M618 Plus Ergonomic Vertical Mouse keeps the hand in a neutral vertical position. The ergonomic position conforms to the natural alignment of the human skeleton.

In other words, it’s in accordance with the streamlined design of the human wrist bone and arm. It is a great ergonomic mouse for people who have carpal tunnel or pain in the wrist of fingers.

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It provides superior comfort and helps eliminate any wrist and arm pain. It keeps you pain-free and helps you focus and relaxed at work without any health inhibitions.

Delux plus ergonomic vertical wireless mouse comes with adjustable DPI. You can easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity like gaming etc. The variable DPI’s available are 800,1000 and 1600.

Quick response, easy to use and removable wrist pad make it an ideal mouse. The buttons are quite tactile and smooth. The vertical design of the mouse ensures the prevention of repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Delux Plus Ergonomic Vertical Mouse – Key features

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The mouse uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology with strong anti-interference ability. This ensures a large operating zone and distance without worrying about losing connection.

The inbuilt sensor technology is optical. It comes with a USB nano receiver. It is placed on the side of the battery slot in the receiver groove.

Being vertical, it gives relief to the wrists and forearms and makes it easy to work the whole day stress-free. Shape optimization is done for a better grip feel. The material where the hand grips are ‘skin similar’ giving a comfortable bionic feel in the hands. It removes arm discomfort and stiff feeling. There is also no pressure on the shoulders as the arm isn’t moving much.

The placement of fingers is ideal and makes the working of the mouse very easy and smooth. The fingers naturally fall on the buttons and wheel on the right side and the thumb rests in the groove between backward and forward buttons on the left side. Just the flipping of the thumb makes the mouse work forward or backward.

Delux plus ergonomic vertical wireless mouse is highly compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista7 /8 and Macbook Mac OS Linux, etc.

The mouse goes very well with all devices whether it is a laptop, desktop, PC, Macbook or other devices.

Product Description

The mouse comes in the dimensions of 5.8*3.7* 3.9 Inches ( 14.85*94.82*98.93mm) and weighs 7.4 ounces. It requires 5V and a current of less than 21 mA. Power supply by AA batteries. The rate is 125 Hz.

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The right side of the mouse features a left button on top, a scroll wheel in the middle and a right button below. The left side of the mouse features a forward and backward button. There is a groove for the thumb in between the forward and backward buttons for it to rest.

An on/off button is present below the mouse. The palm rest pad is removable from down below.

DPI ( dots per inch) can be customized. It makes this mouse very fast and accurate to respond no matter what programs are being used in whichever operating systems.

What we liked about the Delux Plus Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

It is highly compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista 7/8 and Macbook mac OS Linux.

The area where the hand wraps around the mouse has a soft feel without being slippery and is skin-friendly.

The design is super comfortable with the index finger for the top button, a mechanical scroll, and an index or ring finger for the bottom button.

A thumb groove is provided for the thumb to rest between the backward and forward buttons which makes it super convenient. The placement of buttons makes it very easy to operate.

Delux plus ergonomic vertical wireless mouse has anti-slip, anti-sweat mats beneath the mouse. It also boasts of removable palm rest to avoid dragging of the mouse. Palm rest keeps the hand in a healthy position.

The antislip mat makes the mouse quite stable and easy to use on any surface.

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It goes to sleep if there is no activity for a while and clicking on the mouse again wakes it up. This is a good technique with the help of which battery is conserved. Battery life is good and requires an AA battery.

Having an adjustable DPI makes the mouse quite sensitive to movement especially while playing games or precision work.

It requires only 5V and a current less than 21mA.

Being wireless, it allows for greater movement while making sure there is no loss of connection due to strong anti-interference ability. The presence of an optical sensor makes tracking quite simple and efficient.

It is economical and budget-friendly while providing all the basic functions.

What we didn’t like

Although it is compatible with Mac OS Linux, page up and down button is invalid for Mac OS.

The mouse is on the bigger and bulkier side. 7.36 ounces makes it a bit heavy (208 gms). It can be a bit uncomfortable for small and frail hands.

We have a detailed guide on the best ergonomic mouse for small hands, in case you’re looking for it.

As it goes to sleep after a while of inactivity, it has to be woken up.

It can be only used by right-handed people.

The adjustable DPI range could have had more variables.

The driver can be downloaded but it only supports the Windows system.

It does not have RGB lighting like the wired version of the same. Neither can it be connected via BlueTooth.

Although the mouse goes into sleep mode, there is no automatic switch-off feature.

It does have a bionic feel, but there are no striations for the grip to be stable. The grip can get slippery at times especially in case of small hands.

There are no color options for this mouse.

How Delux Plus Vertical Mouse works

Find the nano USB receiver in the base of the mouse in the receiver groove on the side of the battery slot.

Plug it into the computer USB port. After the computer recognizes the receiver, then turn on the mouse switch.

It works without additional software. The driver, however, can be downloaded here. Please remember that the driver only supports the Windows system. Certain features like up and down buttons are invalid for Mac OS.

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It may take a week to practice and get used to the vertical mouse especially if you are switching over from “traditional” mouse.

Do remember to check out the size as it can be slightly voluptuous for small hands. There is a smaller version available with the same features.

Final Words

Repetitive motions with your wrists or hands can lead to painful medical problems over the course of years. Things like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury are common. If they progress far enough, even surgery may be required.

The custom shape of the Delux plus vertical ergonomic mouse makes mousing painless and comfortable. Its unique design is molded to fit comfortably in the user’s hand, minimizing gripping and promoting neutral wrist alignment.

The Delux plus ergonomic vertical wireless mouse is the perfect solution for reducing tension/pain within your wrists and forearms.

With a 2.4 GHz wireless feature and micro USB, Delux plus gives the freedom for greater movement without losing touch due to strong anti-interference ability.

The removable palm rests and presence of anti-slip mats make it quite stable and prevents dragging on the surface and fumbling. The buttons are placed quite symmetrically in accordance with the neutral alignment of fingers and thumb. In other words, the design is quite humanized and comfortable.

With adjustable DPI, it sensitizes the mouse quite effortlessly and with precision. Whether it is normal office work or gaming, this vertical mouse has you covered.

All in all, Delux plus ergonomic vertical wireless mouse is a great advancement in the market of mice due to its humanized ergonomic design and wonderful inbuilt features.

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