Adesso Tru-Form Media Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard Review

The new generation of the 21st century has almost all work done on computers. The keyboard is something one cannot escape. Working on it brings its own set of challenges especially to the wrists, fingers, forearms, and shoulders.

Especially to the muscles and tendons attached them.

With every problem, comes a solution.

Adesso PCK 208B ‘tru-form- ergonomic’ contoured keyboard is an excellent choice for typing as it helps to keep the wrists, forearms, and shoulders in a naturally aligned neutral position.

The design of this keyboard with split key zones encourages the natural position of hand, wrist, and forearm in maximum comfort for long use.

It negates the harmful effects of a conventional keyboard and prevents the onset of repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Key features of Adesso Tru-Form Media Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard

Adesso Tru-Form Media Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Adesso PCK has hotkeys that are one-touch buttons that take you directly to your favorite multimedia activities. You get to navigate music and video clips, surf the web, start many of the programs you use most and more.

With eight hotkeys and stylish ergonomic design, this wired ergonomic keyboard adds dynamic features and vibrant looks to any desktop.

The membrane key switches provide a better tactile response and a quieter typing experience. They last up to five million keystrokes.

The sloping ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable for the wrist.

An integrated palm rest helps to keep the hand in a natural resting position. This not only relieves joint pain and improves posture, but has only shown to relieve back pain and spinal discomfort.

Adesso Tru-Form Ergonomic Keyboard – Product description

Adesso PCK-208B - Tru-Form Media Contoured Ergonomic...
  • Dimensions are 2" Height x 19.25" Width x 10.75" Depth
  • Keyboard/Keypad connectivity Technology is wired
  • It has 105 keys

Adesso PCK comes as a contoured ergonomic keyboard which has split key design that provides comfort by confirming to natural hand positions. It features eight hotkeys for multimedia control and one-touch access to the internet.

The hotkeys are home ( whichever you choose), favorites ( the pages and programs you frequently access), email (the one you set), mute, play/pause, stop buttons and volume increase and decrease buttons.

It has 105 key extended keyboard layout apart from eight hotkeys. It has window power key, indicators like num lock, caps lock and scroll lock. The interface used can be USB/PS2 ( USB to PS2 adaptor included).

The keyboard dimensions are 19.25*10.75*2 (L*W*H) Inches respectively.

Adesso PCK comes with built-in wrist support and a split spacebar.

It features split key and 3D design conforming to the natural hand and arm positions, reducing tension in the shoulder, arms, and wrists.

Below the keyboard, at the center of the wrist rest, sits a touchpad with scroll, zoom, forward/backward controls.

The keyboard features wake, sleep and power key at top right for easy access. This is an ideal keyboard for long term typing.

Hardware requirements are IBM, Pentium ii class compatible or higher.

What we Liked about the Adesso Ergonomic Keyboard

The keys function quite smoothly without any resistance and have a good spring providing relief by reducing the amount of pressure required by the fingers.

Tru form keyboard incorporates a number of features designed to cut down on mousing. A row of silver buttons at the top of the board come preprogrammed to launch your default web browser or email client and control media playback.

It is not at all heavy weighing a mere 2.25LBS. The keyboard is Microsoft certified WHQL plug and play.

It can work on multiple operating systems like windows 2000/xp/vista/7/8/10.

It can work on USB or PS2 port. Features a five feet cable.

This multifunction keyboard combines a host of windows and multimedia keys in a comfortable ergonomic design.

In order to save power for the keyboard, the unit will go into sleep mode while it is inactivated.pressing any key except the touchpad wakes it up. Pressing the silver ‘wake up’ key also works very well.

Adesso PCK 208B-tru-form media contoured ergonomic keyboard comes with a one-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. They have a website, email and toll-free telephone support from 9 am to 5:30 pm PST Monday to Friday. Click here for more details.

What Could Have Been better

Adesso PCK 208B does not have a height adjustment feature. The wrist rest would have been more comfortable if it was padded. The key size is average and not very wide.

It does not have a built-in touchpad mouse. (There is a plastic filler plate where that would normally go). You would need to use a mouse separately.

The space bar is a bit small as compared to a traditional keyboard. It takes a lot of practice or else users end up pressing the space between two spacebars.

The keyboard does not have rubber feet to elevate and stabilize.

It would have been good if the keyboard was completely wireless. Unfortunately, it is not.

It does not have a separate calculator key like other keyboards. It does, however, have a number keypad.

It is a mechanical keyboard and can make some noise over time. It is not an illuminated keyboard.

How Does this Adesso Keyboard Works?

Installing this contoured split keys keyboard is pretty easy and simple. Make sure your computer or PC is turned off. Plugin the USB cable to the USB port.

For PS/2 connect the USB to PS/2 adaptor with the USB cable and plug it into the computers PS/2 keyboard port.

Turn on your computer and your operating system will detect the device automatically. This device is plug and play. No driver required.

Troubleshooting Tips for Adesso Keyboard

These are some commonly occurring issues with the keyboard along with solutions.

Keyboard is unresponsive

Sometimes you can be faced with the situation of the keyboard not responding. The first thing to do in this situation is to see what connection it has with the computer.

If its PS/2 connection, turn off the PC first. Plugin the device again when the PC is off. Turn on the PC when the device is plugged in.

For USB connection, plug in the USB cable when windows are fully loaded. Connect the USB cable or ports with any adaptor. Hub or switch is not recommended.

If still there is no response, the keyboard could be defective or the pins in the connector could be bend or damaged.

Keyboard does not wake up

If the keyboard goes into a sleep mode in order to save power, simply press any key except touchpad to wake it up. There is another shortcut button present as silver wake up button on the extreme right of the keyboard.

If the unit cannot be woken up by pressing any key, try to resynchronize the keyboard or adjust the USB power settings. Click on the ‘USB device’ from the list of hardware devices on your computer.

Double click the ‘USB root hub device’. Click the power management tab. Uncheck the box that is labeled ‘allow the computer to turn off this device’ then click ok to save changes.

Keyboard types the wrong character

If the keyboard starts typing the wrong characters repeatedly or two characters nearby and starts sticking, do the following. Use an air duster to clean the gap between each key.

Pop off the keycap and check if anything stuck under the key. Clean any dust between the keypad and the keyboard. Keep the keys back into the proper positions.

Keyboard keeps losing connection

If you need to frequently connect your keyboard, try the following.

Insert the connector directly into the port on the back of the PC without any adaptor, hub or switch.


Adesso PCK 208b tru-form media contoured ergonomic keyboard is an excellent choice for protection and relief of joints, muscles, and tendons aches and pains. It is highly durable with people reporting to use it for years.

It prevents and alleviates symptoms of repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. The superb design and shape of the keyboard promote the natural alignment of hands, arms, and wrists.

The natural ergonomic design along with the integrated palm rest improves posture and is known to relieve back pain and spinal discomfort.

The eight built-in hotkeys give you instant access and the quiet switches provide a better tactile response. All of which leads to less pressure required by the fingers.

The smart function of sleep saves power while the split keys give maximum comfort for long use.

It does take a while to get used to this keyboard but the end result is a pain-free and comfortable experience for years to come!

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