Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Hag Capisco Puls is an award-winning ergonomic chair ( 2011 red dot design award) that is well made, refined, sturdy and easy to assemble.

The saddle seat nudges you to sit in the right posture. Because it is stiff, the natural tendency is to sit upon the two butt bones. It is a great chair that will help fix posture issues and in turn prevent and alleviate back pain and spinal load issues.

Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair Review

The normal soft cushioned seats invite the user to lean back and put weight on the spine, that isn’t made to carry the weight that way.

The human body was made to sit comfortably on a saddle. Example- riding on a camel, horse, donkey or any other animal. Saddle seat design offers an excellent ergonomic choice for maximum healthy sitting positions.

Key features of the Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair

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  • PERFECT FOR: Shifting between sitting and standing at an...
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Award winning design, Capisco Puls firm and...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Seat height, seat depth, back height and back...

Apart from the saddle seat, the best feature about Hag Capisco puls is the height adjustability. This height adjustability works great with a standing desk or for general use in laboratory, ultrasound, healthcare, and home.

The Hag Capisco Chair comes in two sizes:

  • Puls: Seat height- 21.50 – 30.50″
  • Puls Plus: Seat height: 22 – 31″

The saddle seat design slopes gently positioning your legs at an ergonomically healthy angle.

This promotes healthy blood flow and encourages different sitting movements. You can sit, stretch, lean or perch on the Capisco and that is why it is very comfortable and popular.

Footrests on the wheels are quite sturdy and help the legs remain in sturdy positions.

Product Description

Hag Capisco puls ergonomic office chair has a firm but comfortably modeled saddle seat that comes with a weight capacity of 250lbs.

Seat width is 19.5 inches with a seat depth of 15.5 inches. The seat has an 8.5 inch wide* 12-inch deep central seat cushion that offers just enough squish to keep the hip bones happy.

Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Puls ergonomic chair is made up of 37% steel, 27% plastic, 23% aluminum, PUR 10%, Textile 2% and various1%. PVC is 0% as it is 90% recyclable.

The minimum height of Hag Capisco puls is 22.5 inch and the maximum height is 33 inches.

The chair is lightweight and easy to assemble requiring only four components. They are the seat, backrest, the gas lift, and the feet.

Capisco has the adjustability features you expect in an office chair. Height, seat pan depth, chair tilt, and backrest height are all adjustable. The base’s grooved footplates are a natural place for your feet. More so with the optional foot ring or step up footrest which provides different places to rest your feet while you sit.

Adjust the backward tilt resistance for extra comfort. Lock the chair in a neutral position when sitting the opposite way round.

Unlock the chair to activate the rocking motion when sitting normally.

What we liked about the Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair

The best thing about Hag Capisco puls ergonomic office chair is that the chair can be reversed. It has a sculpted seatback for comfort.

The seatback is shaped to accommodate the spine. The cutouts let the shoulders have a hefty amount of freedom to move. While the seatbacks ‘rounded arms’ give you a place to rest your elbows.

Hag Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair Review

You can face the backrest, sideways or forwards and can use the backrest to lean against your chest. The backrest has an adjustable lever for a comfortable position on the chest depending on your height.

When sitting in this position, there is no weight leaning against the lower back. The chair is designed to facilitate a variety of sitting postures throughout the day allowing users the freedom of movement.

This chair can be cleaned easily. Just regular vacuuming and wiping clean with a damp cloth does the job. If you really make a mess on the chair, use a dilute solution of gentle detergent.

The base of the chair is detachable so you can put the ring of an additional footrest into the base in case you need it.

The chair is not only attractive and ergonomically designed, but it is also environmentally responsible.

The green guard certified Capisco is specially built for minimal environmental impact. It is made from 24% post-consumer recycled materials, with few chemical emissions and is 95% recyclable. It incorporates used plastic parts. Its foam cushion is made from recycled car bumpers.

Being environmentally friendly, the chair fits perfectly for green offices.

The warranty of the pneumatic cylinder is for a lifetime. The frame warranty is five years and the warranty for seat cushion is three years.

There are many varieties of colors available to choose from. The various colors are black, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, tan, burgundy.

What We Didn’t Like

With all the good things, this ergonomic chair comes with a slight setback. It is costly and slightly overpriced. Plus if you want slightly more padded you need to shell out a bit more cash. Capisco Puls is not as heavily padded as the original Capisco.

If you are going to use it in front of a desk, please measure the desk height. Hag Capisco comes with a 265mm lift that is too tall for most standard-height desks.

Some short stature and long stature individuals might face unease. For tall people, the armed wings come in the way of elbows. Short stature people might find the seat too large.

Hag Capisco puls ergonomic chair does not come with locking casters. The wheels keep rolling.

Ergonomic factor 

The recent advent of standing up at work movement has both companies and individuals looking for more flexible alternatives to the standard office chair design which can be far more compatible with the new and flexible height-adjustable desks.

Hag Capisco puls ergonomic office chair was manufactured with one single goal. To replicate the posture of people while riding on a horse ( which is why the seat is referred to as saddle). It keeps the legs at an ergonomic healthy angle promoting good blood flow.

This chair also supports a wide range of sitting positions and quick switching between them ( sitting with backrest in front, back, side, perching, etc). The sculpted seat back and rounded arms provide ergonomic comfort to the spine and shoulders.

It is designed to take the load off the spine and promote a healthy sitting with maximum comfort. It has a special contour for the coccyx area to ensure optimal support where it is most needed.

Unlike the normal cushioned chairs, it does not invite you to become too comfortable but gently nudges you to not sit around the whole day and make movements.

Some instructions 

Make sure you use the right castors for the floor surface where you intend to use the chair. Castors with rigid wheels are available as an option for carpeted floors and castors with resilient wheels for hard floor covering.

The chair should be tested with appropriate castors so that the unloaded chair will not roll unintentionally. All five castors must be of the same type.

Keep your chair free from dust and dirt. Frequently vacuum and clean the upholstered parts with a damp or dry cloth.

Do not remove any covers or try to open the seat mechanism.

The chair can be dismantled without the use of special equipment. Click here for the user manual

Final Words

Hag Capisco puls ergonomic office chair has the best features and superb functions to keep you healthy and give you maximum comfort.

It is remarkably adapted to sitting at different height levels. The seat saddle and the seatback is ergonomically designed to support the human body.

You get to adjust the seat depth to get backrest support for a resting position. Adjust the backrest height for ideal comfort and elbow support.

The foot support provides comfortable ways to vary the position of your feet.

With the brand name of Hag, light, colorful, easy to clean and at a lower price point, Hag Capisco Puls is the response to the new generation’s search for comfort, movement, and self-expression.

Movement and change are the only constants in today’s fast-paced work world and they are totally worth embracing.

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