10 Most Expensive Office Chairs (with images)

Among the must-have furniture in offices is the office chair.

Although you can get high-quality office chairs at a reasonable amount, others are pretty expensive. Today, some office chairs sell for over a million US dollars.

That’s overly expensive, right, but with a good reason behind it. Here are the ten most expensive office chairs you can find in the market today. 

Ares Line Xten Pininfarina – $1.5 Million

This office chair is not only the most expensive but also the most luxurious. Designed by Pininfarina Car Designing Company in Italy, Aresline Xten is an ergonomic office chair.

Pininfarina designers indeed poured their hearts out in this chair. The design alone is top-notch, with high innovation standards and technology.

The Aresline Xten office chair is quite durable. It can last long enough to even serve a few other generations after you. That’s how long-lasting this office chair is.

Product Features

Since this is an ergonomic chair, it gives you both comfort and health benefits. These features are necessary to keep you healthy and comfortable as you work sitting all day long.

Below are the features making this work chair pricey.


This luxurious work chair is primarily made from Dynatec fabric. Dynatec is both highly breathable and durable.

Additionally, this fabric’s coating doesn’t absorb moisture. It, therefore, protects the chair against spills and dirt stains.

For this reason, the Aresline Xten office chair will never wear out in your lifetime. The Dynatec fabric also offers the 100% stability that you desire when working.

Seating Material

The seating uses a special kind of biocompatible material called Technogel. The moment you sit on it, this material molds to take your body shape.

While doing so, this material minimizes your body pressure and ensures the proper spinal alignment. 

Overall, you get such a comfortable seating experience from your Aresline Xten office chair.

Tilting and Design

You can adjust the back and seating of this office chair to different angles. The best part is that you can do them independently, thanks to its ergo dynamic design.

The headrest and lumbar back support are adjustable depending on your height and comfort.  

If you have the money, why not go for this Pininfarina’s office chair? With a ton of beneficial features, the Aresline Xten work chair is worth its price.

It comes in four different colors, anthracite, red, blue, and grey.

Wegner Swivel Office Chair – $13,200

Here comes the second most expensive office chair in the world, a perfect design from Hans Wegner. But is it worth that price tag?

Wegner Swivel Office Chair

The Wegner Swivel office chair doesn’t compromise your comfort. That was the creator’s main idea from the beginning.

With support from Egill Snorrason, a medicine doctor, Hans Wegner came up with a truly ergonomic office chair. It’s comfortable and cares about your back and overall health.

Product Features

Visually, the Wegner Swivel office chair is plain and simple. But what makes it worth $13,200 when it’s seemingly just a simple office chair?

Here are the features making it expensive.

Material Used

With a stainless steel frame, you know you’re getting a long-serving chair. Stainless steel is durable, corrosion and temperature-resistant, easy to maintain, and recyclable.

The chair’s top rail features a wooden material, either mahogany, cherry, oak, or ash. All these wooden materials are highly durable and attractive. Cherry, for instance, can even resist rots and decay.

The seating area is made of leather material, which is quite soft and comfortable to sit on. Unfortunately, it isn’t water or stain-resistant.

Turning Around Convenience

This office chair is all about swiveling in the office, hence the name swivel office chair. Those who move a lot will find it much more convenient.

The rate at which this chair turns whenever you’re moving office desks is simply amazing. Also, you can adjust it to stop swiveling if you don’t fancy it that much.

Adjustable Height

There’s an adjustable mechanism that the creator infused in this chair’s stainless steel frames. So, you will still find it comfortable no matter how tall you may be.

Arne Jacobsen Egg Office Chair – $7,891

With a unique shape, the egg office chair is one of the most expensive chairs for many reasons.

Arne Jacobsen Egg Office Chair
Image Source: Furnish Plus

These chairs are colorful, beautiful, and laden with several functional features suitable for your office use.

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, this office chair has your comfort and back support fully covered. Plus, it’s very long-lasting, which is clear from the materials used and its production process.

Product Features

Below are some factors that make the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair expensive.

Material Used

While most of these office chairs are Italian leather material, others use natural cowhide leather. Such materials only show you just how durable the chairs are.

Italian leather, for instance, is resistant to stains and withstands wear and tear. It’s also comfortable and quite elegant, giving you a class of its own.

The cushions can conform to your body shape, thanks to their Dacron silk cushion wrapping. The base comes in an aluminum finish, which is durable and both chipping and flaking-resistant.

Tilt and Swivel

You can tilt this chair at whatever angle you find comfortable.

The 360 degrees swivel allows you to turn around as you wish.


The production process explains why this Jacobsen’s office chair has such a price tag. It’s not easy to produce this chair.

They first have to stretch the upholstery properly. This process ensures the chair doesn’t form wrinkles in the end.

Each chair cover must be hand-stitched meticulously, meaning only a handful of chairs can be made at once.

The Arne Jacobsen Egg Office Chair comes in various colors to suit your needs, tastes, and preferences.

Vitra Skape Lowback Office Chair – $6,130

The Vitra Skape lowback office chair gives both the lounge elegance and office chair functionalities.

Vitra Skape Lowback Office Chair
Image Source: Vitra

Its unique appeal comes from a combination of two classic materials and aesthetic design.

Product Features

Below are some reasons why this work chair is pricey.

Material Used

The Vitra Skape Lowback Chair is a combination of leather and chrome. While leather is comfortable and long-lasting, chrome is corrosion and wear-resistant, hence durable.

With this perfect combination, you get both comfort and office usability.


This chair’s wraparound feature will make you feel welcomed and cozy in the office. Unfortunately, its armrests are not adjustable.

Environment Friendly

Imagine a 35% recyclability on materials and another 80% after disassembling.

What more can you still ask for the environment?

Weight Adjustment

This office chair will support your weight at whatever angle you decide to sit at.

That’s so excellent of such an ergonomic chair.

Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair – $5,240

Are you Looking for both comfort and luxury in an office chair? Get yourself the luxurious Vitra Grand Executive highback office chair. Of course, be ready to dig deep into your wallet to get it.

Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair
Image Source: Vitra

Besides comfort, you get the office functionalities with this 360 degrees swivel office chair. The secret lies in the mechanisms used in making it.

Product Features

Antonio Citterio, an Italian furniture designer, did a perfect job with these high-back office chairs.

This is evident from the chair’s fantastic features.

Material and Construction

It features a sleek aesthetic construction perfectly covered in pure leather using a FlowMotion Mechanism Adjustment.

The cushioning is a softly padded upholstery for the most desired comfort while working.

The cushioning doesn’t end at the seating area. There’s a neck cushion, which is adjustable to provide comfort.

The Science Behind It

This Vitra office chair is capable of many things. Since it’s ergonomic, it can impact your health and productivity in the office.

Besides keeping you fully engaged and creative, you can use it to define your space.

The FlowMotion Mechanism Adjustment

This mechanism makes it possible for the chair to provide its users with a range of motions.

If you wish to lean back or tilt forward, the Vitra office chair is what you should get.

With dynamic sitting, this chair makes it easy for you to alternate between standing and sitting. That’s all thanks to the FlowMotion Mechanism Adjustment.

You have seven different colors to choose from in this particular office chair. These are:

  • Chocolate
  • Asphalt
  • Nero
  • Maroon
  • Red
  • Sand
  • Snow

Eames Executive Chair (Herman Miller) – $4,895

The Eames Executive chair provides historical value, style, and comfort in a single office chair. It’s so beautiful and quite iconic, making it a perfect addition to executive offices.

Product Features

Designed by Ray and Charles Eames, this office chair has been in existence for over half a century now. But what’s making it that expensive?

High-Quality Materials

There are three primary materials used in making this chair, leather, aluminum, and pristine.

With soft leather and shiny aluminum, this office chair is beautiful, comfortable, and durable. 

Distinctive Shape

There’s no other seat with the same shape as that of the Eames executive office chair. It comes in rounded arms for a cozy feeling.

Its tufted seating cushion ensures it doesn’t shift as you change seating.

With such a shape, you can sit and work for hours without feeling tired. Overall, its distinctive shape offers a warm reception every time you enter your office.

Recliner Feature

Whenever you feel tired in the office, you can always utilize this chair’s recliner feature. As you recline, you’ll be resting your spine and supporting your back in the process.

Additionally, you also get to elevate your legs. The reclining position helps you rejuvenate your mind as you relax your body.

Arper Aston Executive Chair – $3,695

The Arper Aston office chair will surely fit all the office functionalities a boss needs. Although it shows a simple design, it’s truly durable.

Arper Aston Executive Chair

Similar to the work chairs above, the Arper Aston office chair uses ergonomic technology.

This technology provides an efficient and comfortable working environment, both at home or in the workplace.

Product Features

Besides ergonomic technology, this office chair has other features making it so expensive.

Materials Used To Make the Chair

You must be wondering about what’s keeping this chair together, especially the high back sizes. The cushions are injected-molded foam infused in a metal frame.  

Metal frames are highly durable, which means that this Arper chair is also quite durable. The upholstery used comes in either leather or fabric, whichever you prefer.  


Interestingly, these chairs are very light, which is not always the case with most office chairs.

This feature makes it easy for you to carry it around if you must.

Height and Tilt Adjustment

You don’t have to worry about your height with this chair. Simply adjust the height accordingly to feel comfortable and supported.

The Arper office chair comes in three different sizes to fit any body shape and size. These include high-back for bigger executives, medium-back, and low-back. 

Its tilt mechanism will also enable you to sit at whichever angle you feel most comfortable.

Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair – $3,595

Ekornes stressless office chairs are among the best comfortable recliners in the world. They’re what you need to alleviate that office stress.

Image Source: Recliner Store

What’s better than getting a ten-year warranty for your office chair? Yes, Erkones gives that extended cover for its chairs, so you work peacefully and comfortably. 

Product Features

Several exciting features explain the priciness of this office chair.

Technology Used

The manufacturer of these stressless magic office chairs uses three fantastic technologies in making them. These are the gliding mechanism, Plus system, and adaptable ergonomic design.

With these three technologies, this chair can perfectly adapt to your working environment. It also reacts positively to every seating position you shift to while providing back support.

Sizes and Adjustable Features

From these chairs’ simple designs, it’s evident that the creator had every shape and size in mind when making them.

They come in small, medium, and large sizes to fit every office need. You can adjust its headrest if you’re taller or shorter than its original position.


This office chair comes in perforated foams. There’s an additional pad infused in polyester fiber cushions for extra comfort. 

What’s more, the perforated foam directly put on the chair’s frame can conform to your body’s temperature.

Vitra HeadLine Office Swivel Chair – $3,245

Do you want a modern-looking office chair with ergonomic capabilities? Then get this Vitra Headline office chair for the highest quality comfort and office functionalities.

Vitra HeadLine office swivel chair
Image Source: Vitra

Both Claudio Bellini and his father, Mario, were quite innovative with this Vitra headline creation.

Product Features

There are a lot of unique features adding to this chair’s high price tag. It’s all about providing super comfort standards that are unmatched.

In most cases, office chairs do concentrate only on providing support around the lumbar area. However, that’s not the case with this particular office chair.

With it, you’ll get support in the head, shoulders, neck, and lumbar zone. The extension at the upper backrest will automatically adjust to offer head support as you lean backward with it.

But the vision alignment remains hand in hand with the computer screen on your desk. This truly fulfills the current ergonomic requirements because it ensures you don’t strain your back muscles.

Overall, you get to have a stress and strain-free experience while sitting on this chair.

Spectrum West Collection Office Chair – $2,650

Spectrum is renowned for crafting mid-century modern furniture, and it doesn’t disappoint with this office chair.

Image Source: Spectrum Collection

Your comfort and back support are well thought of here in the chair’s design. The Spectrum West Collection Office Chair is not only stylish and comfortable but has a variety of features.

Product Features

Below are the unique features that elevate this chair’s value.


The Spectrum West work chair has several adjustment features to help you get the desired comfort while working.

This chair allows you to set the perfect height using the adjustable height mechanism. The swivel functionality ensures you can rotate 360 degrees with ease.

With such flexibility, you remain working strain-free all day long. Isn’t that the support and comfort everyone looks for in an office chair?

Material Used

Only a single sheet of polycast acrylic material is enough to make this comfortable office chair. This material is not only stylish, but it’s also transparent, breakage-resistant, and weather resistant.

This material will never crack, rust, or warp regardless of the office temperature conditions.

Though it looks like glass, it’s excessively tough and more durable, making it the perfect material for a stylish office.


Although these office chairs are expensive, they’re worth every dollar spent on them. With them, you don’t have to keep spending money every new year on new office chairs.

Your comfort and back support matter the most when working for long hours, either at home or office.

Thanks to the ergonomic features in these chairs, you can work for extended hours without compromising your health.

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