Does a Gaming Chair Make a Good Office Chair?

As more people work from home, many seek dual-purpose furniture to fit work and leisure needs.

If you already have a gaming chair and now plan to work from home, I am sure you must be wondering whether a gaming chair makes for a good office chair.

Not everybody fits in every chair, and chairs come in various sizes and shapes.

Understanding your needs and what each style of chair offers will help you choose wisely.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

Both chairs seem like they serve the same needs, which is sitting in front of a computer or monitor.

With any type of product, there will be good and bad manufacturers and models. So, keep this in mind when researching the right office chair.

Gaming Chairs

There are different gaming chairs on the market, but gaming chairs reference PC and racing gaming chairs for this comparison.

FULLWATT Racing Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Video Game Chair with Thickened Doubled-Massage Lumbar Cushion Rocking Function (Blue)

The style and build of this type of gaming chair most closely resemble a standard office chair in design and functionality.

The intended function for PC and racing gaming chairs was to sit at a desk for long periods of computer gaming.

This type of chair originates from a manufacturer of luxury sports car seats, DXRacer, giving gamers the whole auto racing experience.

The racing seat origins are why gaming chairs commonly have a bucket seat and resemble the interior of a sports car.

The original gaming chairs were incredibly ergonomic by accident, providing the same comfort and adjustability that a luxury sports seat would.

With interest growing, many companies have released their versions of the original design.

The options mean that there are some products on the market made of inferior materials.

Gaming chairs typically have specific design characteristics you want to look out for.

These chairs usually resemble a sports car chair, with a headrest that often features wrap-around sides.

They also have armrests, seat adjustments, and sometimes a footrest mounted to the chair.

Office Chairs

The purpose of an office chair might seem obvious when you consider the name.

VANSPACE Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Reclining Mesh Chair with Footrest and Lumbar Support, Home Office Desk Chair Swivel Computer Task Chair with Adjustable Armrest Wide Cushion, DC08

Suppose you consider the function of an office chair to be providing a seat for different possible users sitting at a desk working.

In that case, it becomes evident that few other chairs can function in the way that a standard office chair can.

Office chairs have also undergone a startling transformation, beginning as stationary chairs that provided a place to sit.

Now, they’ve become a source of ergonomic comfort for home or office workspaces. Typical office chairs these days are typically described as rolling chairs with a seat and back.

In more recent years, the expectations of some form of ability to adjust the chair have been a standard. Currently, the category of office chair contains many subcategories, including:

Our comparison refers to a standard office chair or a variation thereof, like the executive chair or task chair.

Without a standard, consumers have to educate themselves on various aspects of different chairs to select the best option for their needs.

How to Compare Any Office, PC, or Gaming Chair

There are vital factors to consider when looking for a new chair, regardless of the category of chair you choose.

When comparing these aspects of a chair, the general idea is to compare them to your needs to find the chair that best fits you.


Understanding your budget and what you can afford to spend is going to make your chair selection easier.

There continues to be a wide range of pricing options available for any type of chair. Often, less cost means cheaper materials, less or no warranty, and a potentially uncomfortable chair.

It is essential to remember that sometimes cost does translate to the quality of the product if budget is a significant part of your decision.

Better quality can translate to less cost over time since you do not have to spend more money on replacement chairs or parts.

Intended Purpose

A chair’s intended purpose can factor into how well it will fit into your lifestyle and satisfy your needs.

Buying a stool rated for four hours of daily use and using it for eight hours every day may result in body discomfort or injury.

Suppose a chair is genuinely adjustable or meets all of your unique ergonomic needs for the tasks you intend to do in the chair.

In that case, the chair’s adjustability outweighs the intended purpose.


The type of materials used in a chair can factor into your comfort and the chair’s longevity.

A cushion made of high-quality memory foam will sit and feel very differently than a seat filled with old newspapers or with no padding at all.

The frame material of a chair can dramatically alter the function and longevity of the chair’s use.

Frames built using metal may provide more support than frames made of plastic and painted to look like metal.

What your chair contains can also alter your price points as high-quality products often cost more.

Usability and Product Limits

Quality manufacturers will have the limitations of their products available to the public.

Those details should include the weight limit of the chair and the approximate hour limit that the manufacturer recommends.

If a chair does not have the rating needed for the type of lifestyle or work habits you maintain, it might not be a good match.

No matter how good the chair is, regular breaks are required to ensure you are healthy.

Visual Design

Visual design can be such a decisive factor in chair selection that people will often end up working long hours in a beautiful but uncomfortable chair.

However, there are so many chair brands in the world that sometimes finding a chair requires patience.

Gaming chairs that rival office chairs tend to favor a visual design similar to a sports car.

That sporty feel can be a factor in selecting a type of chair for many people, but recent years have produced many options to cover a gaming chair.

Chair Features

Different chairs come with various features. Some gaming chairs offer limited adjustability, while others can adjust like a custom new seat for each new user.

Analyzing the available features of each chair against standard options can help you understand where your money is going and how to spend it best.

Frame Material

Many different types of materials end up as frames for chairs, but the kind of material used will often indicate the longevity and durability of the chair.

A chair made with a plastic frame is for lower user weight limits and time use than one made of metal.

If you are a person who is particularly rough on furniture, selecting a metal frame may be an intelligent choice for your chair base. 

Wheel or Foot Type

If the chair needs to move across multiple areas of a workstation, wheels might make it easier to move when needed.

Many manufacturers and designs offer the option to change or upgrade the wheels or feet of your chair.

So, the question becomes how much you want to spend on new wheels or feet.

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Not all chairs swivel in a complete circle, and newer chairs sometimes offer a lever to lock the swivel for safety or control.

Seat Height Adjustable

The angle of your legs against the floor is a part of ensuring proper ergonomics.

Finding a chair with an adjustable seat height can ensure you have appropriate leg positioning while working.


Some chairs with high backs also have a headrest.

The headrest can be removable or permanently attached, depending on the model.

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Gaming chairs often come with footrests or possible footrest adapters.

This design allows for extended sitting periods and playing games that mimic driving.


Advanced armrests will come with the ability to change their height, distance from the seat sides, angle, and front to back location.

Armless chairs may have connections or holes for armrests to be added, allowing for customization of your chair.

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Seat Tilt

The seat where your bottom makes contact can sometimes have the option to tilt and adjust the slope for improved circulation or comfort.

Seat Material

The material quality used on the seat sometimes correlates to cost but frequently doesn’t make a difference in comfort. 

Making sure that you are treating your bottom to high-quality cradles or cushions can help reduce pain.

Seat Position

Many seats allow seat customization for a unique user experience.

The bottom seat cradle can move in many directions for the most comfortable shape.

Backrest Height

The height of the backrest is vital for everyone, as the right size can mean proper support and less pain. Adjustable heights allow for multiple users.

Backrest Material

The backrest materials can significantly alter your experience in a chair.

Whether you need maximum cooling comfort or padded support, most options are available in gaming and office chairs.

Backrest Recline

The ability to recline a seat can ensure that the user’s body is in the proper position for long periods.

The ability to adjust allows for shifts in workstation types.

Lumbar Support and Detachable Pillows

Sometimes in the form of detachable pillows, ergonomic chairs often come with adjustable lumbar support.

The support is positioned correctly in your back and provides the right amount of tension or resistance.

Ergonomics and Comfort

According to industry professionals, sitting in a chair with poor ergonomic health can stress the spine and compound back problems.

Having a chair that is ergonomic and that supports good posture can reduce the risk of injury.

Ergonomics of Sitting in a Chair

Some people spend over 40 hours a week sitting in a chair. If the chair used is not designed for your body and habits, you could severely damage your overall health.

A chair that contributes to good posture can increase your productivity, health and engage your muscles for better core strength while sitting.

Finding the right chair for you means narrowing down your options by examining the details related to their features.

The more adjustability your chair has, the more you can suit the chair to your body instead of trying to shape your body to the chair.

A good ergonomic chair will, at the minimum, do the following:

  • Allow the user to adjust the height, width, and depth of the seat
  • Have adjustable lumbar support
  • Have a backrest
  • Be made of quality materials
  • Have breathable but comfortable seat padding
  • Have adjustable armrests
  • Swivel


Gaming chairs are made of quality materials that typically fit your body and offer adjustable features.

If this is what you require, a gaming chair can serve you well as a replacement for the standard office chair.

If your job requires considerable time sitting in a chair, then a high-quality chair can mean a world of difference.

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