ZLOT Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse Review

A traditional computer mouse can cause pain and discomfort when used for a long time. This is because the wrists, hands, and arms are not aligned in a natural body position.

Zlot vertical  ergonomic mouse offers a fantastic gaming mouse which is ergonomically designed in a vertical shape. It keeps the hands, wrists, and arms in a neutral position enabling a comfortable grip for hours.

Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse Review

Say goodbye to repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome which is quite common when using the horizontal mouse for long.

This mouse by ZLOT is one of the best gaming ergonomic mouse that not only prevents soreness and pains but also alleviated existing pain enabling the user to play games comfortably without worry.

Being a gaming mouse, it has six programmable buttons and one mini joystick consisting of four keys. That makes it have a total of eleven keys.

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse features an amazing 128kb onboard memory. This makes the wired mouse an ideal for gaming enthusiasts with macro programming functions. The mouse gives precise positioning, high reliability, and comfortable operation.

It has PMW 3325 game chip, with outstanding game performance and quick, sensitive response.

Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse – Key features

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse,Wired RGB Ergonomic USB Joystick...
  • Ergonomic Vertical Design.Ergonomic Vertical Design.Unlike those...
  • Pixart PMW3325 IR sensor and 5-adjustable DPI...
  • Programmable and customizable.11 programmable buttons and...

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse features a wide range of DPI (dots per inch). There are five adjustable polling rates namely 1500-2500-4000-7000- up to maximum 10000 DPI. The ergonomic mouse has customizable sensitivity. The rate of return is 125-1000Hz.

The laser gaming mouse has a color-changing RGB marquee belt on both sides. It makes the mouse look cool and attractive against the black background while gaming.

It comes with a 2019 upgraded version for computer games. The ergonomic mouse has a wide range of compatibility with many Softwares namely WindowsXP (*64) /Vista /7/8/10/linux.

Product description

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse comes with a built-in optical sensor. Its specifications include the PMW3325 IR sensor, 100 IPS move speed 20G acceleration and 5000FPS frame rate.

Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse Review

The mouse has a 6+1 button design with six programmable buttons and one joystick with five keys. This makes it have a total of 11 keys. The six programmable keys are a left button, a right button, a middle button, a forward button, a back button, and a DPI button.

It also comes with an integrated orientation operation. The joystick is a five direction rocker. Thumb control is used on the rocker for the realization of the front, rear, left, right and down pressure operation ( right on top of the joystick is the press and space button). The wheel of the mouse also has a click button feature.

The USB cable length is 1.8 meters. The working voltage/current is 5V/100mA. The button life is ten million times. The roller life is 1.2 million turns. The vertical mouse comes in the dimension of 110*72* 76.5mm and weighs a mere 170 gms (7.8 ounces).

The mouse comes with an instructions booklet, a mat, a USB port (micro), and a driver disk. A layer of eco-friendly rubber oil covers the plastic surface. It has a soft grip feel. The USB cable is covered with nylon weave for added durability.

What We Liked about the Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse comes in a beautiful and attractive black color that fits in with all the backgrounds.

The vertical design provides great ergonomic support for the forearms minimizing wrist pain that can come from twisting. The hands stretch naturally reducing fatigue. It is super light weighing a mere 130 gms!

Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse Review

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse comes with a one year warranty and complete technical support after purchase.

Although this is a gaming mouse, you can use it for general work like word processing, spreadsheets, and CAD. With the help of the driver disk software, you can program each button including copying and pasting.

As this is a ‘plug and play variant’ if you do not want to download you can use your computer’s default driver. Otherwise, download the T20 gaming mouse driver.

The mouse battery is a whopping 1200mAh which takes about two hours to fully charge. It can be used for about 300 hours in the ‘on’ position and about 110 hours in the ‘light’ position. It also has a micro USB charging feature which avoids the need to replace the battery.

What Could Have Been Better

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse is not a silent click mouse.

The mouse is not compatible with the left-handed users.

Apple can use this mouse but the side of two keys will not be functional. This is because the side is the shortcut key ALT+ direction left key, ALT+ direction right key. The driver can only use the window, and the MAC system does not support it.

The mouse can be confusing and takes time to get used to it. This is because of too many buttons. There is also no indicator to check the battery level.

The DPI button is placed directly below the scrolling wheel. So while using the wheel, fingers can accidentally change the DPI setting without meaning to.

The size of the mouse is not very big. It won’t be comfortable for people with large hands.

The forward button is not placed comfortably can be too far for the thumb to reach. Many users have complained that they had to rotate hands a bit to reach it.

As its wired, the mouse cannot be moved much away. The length of the cable should have been a bit longer for freedom of movement away from the computer.

Some things to know when using the ZLOT Vertical Mouse

There are five levels of DPI that can be adjusted from low to high. Four DPI indicator lights are configured. The first level will light up the first light space in front of the mouse. So the first light on indicates the first level, two lights on indicate the second level, all four lights on indicate the fifth level of 10000 DPI.

Move the joystick upwards with the pressure from the thumb towards the key ‘W’. The key ‘A’ is for movement towards the left, the key ‘S’ is for movement downwards, the key D towards the right.

Zlot Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse Review

Update software with the help of a driver disk by visiting the official website. Switch to the English language by clicking ‘English’ on-page.

If you want to turn the LED off, press the forward and back buttons simultaneously, then press the dpi button to turn off the light. Repeat the above steps to turn the lights back on.

You can also customize the light and everything else with the help of the driver disk. The blue light around the edge of the mouse can also be switched off.

Here is a brief macro function detail :

When macro enters from the ‘KEY N” option, the selected macros are activated on the left button. For example, if you set the key 4 as ABCD, when you press Key 4, the left button means ABCD. select another key to close macro, which means close ‘ Key N’.

When you turn on ‘Key N macro” the mouse light will stay on. When you turn off N macro, a normal setting light will turn on.

The configuration file has two groups. You can select one button as the configuration file to switch to group 2 or directly drive the setting.

The light of the group 2 configuration file is always blue by default. You can change to the color of your choice.

You can set up to 32 left clicks in the armory, and the cursor can be adjusted with each click. Y+ moves the cursor upwards, Y- moves the cursor downward, X- moves left and X+ moves right.

Final Words

Zlot ergonomic vertical gaming mouse is a well constructed, comfortable and affordable gaming option. It’s a great option if you’re looking for the best ergonomic mouse with a joystick.

Due to it being highly sensitive and giving quick responses, it is ideal for outstanding game performance. With five adjustable DPI’s and customizable settings, it is a winner all through. (high max DPI being 10000!)

The best thing is the ergonomic factor (vertical) which helps to use for a long period of time without worrying about any pains and aches in the wrist. It gives a great performance and has lots of customizable buttons. The RGB lighting and affordability takes away the cake.

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