HON HVL721 Mesh Task Chair Review

Hon HVL721 ergonomic mesh task chair is designed to offer maximum comfort, support, and functionality. Combined with high quality, Hon mesh task chair offers a more natural reclining posture.

The defined curvilinear back shape combined with adjustable lumbar provides comfortable back support. It has a variety of personal adjustments to fit all sorts of body size and shape.

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The ergonomic adjustments aid in correct placement of hips, legs, arms, spine, and shoulder. Hon chair offers superior features aligning muscles, tendons, and spine in a neutral position.

This allows removal or any pains and sores and ensures good concentration at work.

The padding of the seat is soft, thick and supportive. Hon uses soft thread leather. Soft thread leather is a bonded leather that makes sitting on it very comfortable.

Hon HVL 721 comes with an amazing limited five-year warranty that speaks a lot about the quality of the chair! They either, repair, replace or give a full-fledged refund no matter how long the product was used for. This ensures long term and worry-free ownership of Hon mesh chair!

Key features of HON HVL721 Mesh Task Chair Review

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Dramatic mesh back design offers cool, breathable support and follows the natural curvature of the spine.

The seat base can slide forward or backward to fit users of different heights.

The adjustable lumbar provides total back support based on the individual need and posture of different users.

Polished chrome base and arm accents reflect a professional appearance. The dual wheel castors give good mobility on carpeted or hard floors.

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Two to one tilt ratio reclines the back at a higher ratio than the seat for proper back alignment.

The tilt tension will control the rate and ease of recline and the tilt lock will lock out the tilt function.

The height-adjustable seat along with height and width adjustable arms provide fully customizable comfort.

Hon HVL 721 Mesh task chair fits people of all statures and sizes and gives them excellent ergonomic support for shoulders, neck, arms, hips, and legs

Product description

Hon HVL 721 Mesh task chair comes in the dimensions of 26.8* 26.5* 42.5 inches. It weighs around 40 pounds.

Pneumatic seat height adjustment from 18’- 21 ½’’.

The Hon chair has a maximum width of 26 ½ with a seat width of 19 ½ and the distance between the arms ranging from 16 ½- 18 ¾’’. The depth of the seat is 26 ½’’. The height of the chair is 42 ½ inches.

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The distance from the floor to the top of the arms is the minimum clearance required for the arms of the chair to clear under the desk. The distance is 24 inches.

The height of the seat back when measuring from the seat is approximately 24 ¼. The seatback is a frame with fabric stretched over it.

The shape of the frame curves in at the lower back with adjustable lumbar offering good lumbar support. The seat at its lowest position measures 20 inches from the floor.

The top of the armrests is 3.75 inches wide by 9.5 inches long.

The seat depth has a range from 17.5-19.5 inches. The diameter of the wheelbase is roughly 30 inches.

HON HVL ergonomic mesh task chair is quite sturdy having a weight capacity of 250lb.

How to use HON HVL 721 mesh task chair

Arm width adjustment – Grasp the arm pads and slide inward or outwards to adjust the width of the armrests either towards or away from you.

Lumbar height adjustment- Grasp the sides of the lumbar adjustment with both hands, slide the support up or down to adjust.

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Seat height- Lift the thin lever below the seat to adjust the seat height. Release the lever to lock the seat height.

Arm height adjustment- lift the tabs on the chair arms to allow the arms to move up or down freely, then release the tabs once the desired height is reached.

Tilt tension- Turn the knob of the largest lever beneath the chair clockwise to increase tilt tension. Turn counterclockwise to loosen.

Seat slide- lift the smallest lever beneath the chair to slide the seat forwards or backward. Release the lever to lock.

What we like about Hon HVL721 Mesh task chair

Everything in this chair is adjustable. The seat base can slide forward or backward adjusting all heights.

The chair offers high-end comfort adjustment features such as synchro-tilt control that allows for a more natural reclining posture.

The height and width adjustable arms provide a complete fit for any user. The user can modify and adjust features according to their preference.

The chair has an excellent adjustable lumbar control that moves up and down to pinpoint the perfect spot for ergonomic lower back support.

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Polished chrome five-star base is made of engineered plastic which increases durability. The chair is also equipped with dual-wheel casters for easy mobility. It rolls easily and spins effortlessly on carpeted or hard floors.

The mesh back upholstery keeps your body happy, supported and cool especially in hot environments giving the user the much-needed focus to concentrate on the work.

The chair is very easy to assemble and only takes about 15-20 minutes. The armrests are mounted to the base underneath with three screws and can be removed.

This is one of the best ergonomic chair options if you do not want armrest or want to sit with legs folded or want to play guitar on the chair. The removal of the armrests does not compromise the integrity of the chair or its look whatsoever.

Hon chair comes with a five-year limited warranty that speaks a lot about the value, quality, and durability of the chair.

What the warranty does not cover is the normal wear and tear which are expected over the course of usage. It also does not cover damage caused by cleaning chemicals and products used for rental purposes.

The exception also includes modifications or attachments. Upholstery on chairs is warranted for two years from the date of purchase.

Hon chair is quite solid and sturdy without any creeks or squeaking. The chair is budget-friendly and economical.

What’s not so great about Hon HVL721 mesh task chair

The armrests, though fairly comfortable, cannot be properly adjusted to suit the reclining position of the chair.

The padding on the armrests is also a bit stiff unlike the foam with fabric over like traditional chairs. Also, the padding is in the center, with outer edges being hard plastic that can get a bit uncomfortable especially around the elbows.

Hon HVL 721 does not have an adjustable headrest. The back of the seat is too high (20 inches from the floor at its lowest setting) and too firm for a lot of customers.

They find the butt going numb/feeling uncomfortable due to the firm seat cushion.

This chair is not for people of short stature. The legs won’t touch the floor even at the seat’s lowest setting.

The armrests maximum height does not go high enough for good shoulder support. But they are high enough for the chair not to fit under the desk for many users.

Some users have complained of poor after-sale customer service. This is frequently the case when the product is made from china unless they have a tie-up here in the US.

Make sure to ask for customer care service details while purchasing the chair. The warranty card states to contact the dealer from which the chair was purchased.

Last Few Words

With adjustments for seat height and depth, height, and width adjustable arms and 2 to 1 synchro-tilt to provide comfort, the HVL 721 chair has it all.

The tilt tension can be adjusted which will control the rate and ease of recline. Rotating the lever clockwise will increase the tilt tension whereas rotating the lever counter-clockwise will decrease the tilt tension. The tilt lock locks out the tilt function.

The various ergonomic adjustments give more freedom of movement to the users.

The padded, upholstered seat and mesh back gives amazing comfort and increases productivity by enhancing concentration.

The adjustable lumbar allows each user to find the support that matches their unique body type. The shape of the chair back follows the natural curvature of the spine.

The aesthetic design and slim profile are a nice complement to any office environment. Backed by the limited five-year warranty it leaves the owner worry-free and relaxed. Finally, the task chair combines style and performance at an affordable price.

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