Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Review

An attractive cool mesh office chair is what the Komene chair is all about. It is comfortably ergonomic, visually attractive, and very practical for hours of use.

The seatback is made from nylon row frames that are reinforced behind the mesh. The backrest is curved to fit your body. The padded seat foam ensures your body is a little more supported by the firmness of the seat.

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair review

You can lounge, lean back, and can even use it for napping. The backrest has great support in all the right places. The absence of padding at the back gives way to good posture. The row feature behind the mesh also gives a good airflow that is a nice feature if you live in hot, humid areas.

The comfort and support of the chair are fairly competitive to some of the big-name brands without the big price tag. There are lots of adjustable elements across the chair that add to the freedom of movement.

It boasts of adjustable seat height, adjustable headrest, adjustable armrest, and adjustable tilt with tilt lock. The wide width and comfortable support of the lower back, comfortable headrest, and even weight distribution due to five wheelbase make it a winner across all spheres!

Key features of the Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Komene 1388-01 (Black)
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The chair features a nylon row frame reinforcement backrest (with mesh on the inside) that is flexible and stable and provides cooling that is excellent for warm climates.

The rows are placed very near each other creating superior ergonomics than is possible with normal furniture’s upholstery foam.

The ergonomic support is quite firm and comfortable. It gives minimal strain and provides a great posture. The s-shaped backrest has a curved design to strengthen the back and waist.

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair review

The spine is adequately supported and the back of the chair easily reclines with very little effort. It has a tilt tension control which makes it easy to tilt at various angles and lock the tilt in place. The back rocks are independent of the seat. With various degrees available to tilt, this chair is a soothsayer in itself!

The armrests can be flipped up or down which is very helpful if you are a leg sitter. It is also nice for people who have to transition from a wheelchair or walker.

If you frequently get up from the chair, u need not pull the chair all the way out. Just flip up the arms for smooth movements from and back to the chair.

The chair comes with a fantastic five years warranty! It offers great freedom of movement to suit people of all sizes.

The seat height adjustability ensures that whatever the size may be, the feet land flat on the floor and the knees are slightly below your hips. The height adjustability also gives you the ability to adjust the contours of your backrest to your body. It supports the whole back all the way to the neck.

The chair has a five wheelbase with 360 swivel motion. The nylon castors are quite sturdy and give a good balance. The chair has the capacity to take up weight up to 300 pounds.

Product description

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair is comfortable, sturdy, and durable. It is well built, easy to assemble, and lasts for a long time. The ergonomic mesh office chair comes in the dimension of 26.5*25*13 inches and weighs 44.4 pounds. It comes in an attractive black color to fit office backgrounds.

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair review

The height adjustability of the seat is 18.5 inches to 21.5 inches. The backrest has approximately 10cms lift up and down and supports the shoulder movement and supports back relaxation.

The headrest features 5cms lift up and down, forward and backward rotation adapting to different heights and sitting positions.

The backrest can be adjusted to tilt at 90 degree/100 degrees/110 degrees and can be locked at these angles.

The armrests are rotatable up to 70 degrees and have an inclined arc design. The headrest pivots up and down and the actual piece on which the headrest pad is can be raised or lowered according to height preference.

The PU wheels are quiet and flexible and can be used on the floor or carpets. They do not make any sound and are ideal for silent office areas.

The body of the chair is made up of all black durable mesh that is pressure-resistant, highly elastic, and wear-resistant.

What’s great about Komene ergonomic mesh office chair

This ergonomic chair is well packed, well designed, and quite easy to assemble. The instructions are included in the pack. The parts are precision made as good chair furniture.

The subtle good looking chair has a sleek frame that can fit or slide nicely next to the desk and out of the way.

The seat and back are comfortable- firm but not too firm. The elasticity of the seat mesh fits the contours of the buttocks more comfortably.

Armrests can be raised to be out of the way if you prefer not to use them.

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair review

It has good upward and downward seat adjustability. The actual piece which has the headrest pad on it can be raised or lowered for preference. The headrest pivots up or down.

The use of Komene ergonomic mesh office chair reduces the chance of neck problems as it gives your neck proper support, which in turn reduces the amount of strain.

It also helps to prevent complicated problems like cervical spondylosis, which starts from mere stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas.

The ability to recline at various angles and lock the angles makes this chair quite versatile. This chair works quite well as a desk chair and as a recliner. The back angle adjustment gives you the power to tune, lock the chair angle to what feels comfortable.

The reclining function allows you to stretch your back to 110 degrees. This results in less complain of back pain. Choose 90 degrees to concentrate on your work, 110 degrees for relaxation.

The two lower levers are placed very conveniently. One for height adjustment and the other for backward tilt angle.

Many consumers have reported feeling no pressure on their tailbone even after sitting for long hours on this chair. Customers also reported reduced lower back pain. The ergonomic design of the backrest imitates the human curve effectively relieving sedentary fatigue.

The fact that it can hold up to 300 pounds makes it a longer lasting chair for people of all sizes. The legs and wheels are quite sturdy and balanced making sure there is an equal distribution of weight and no chances of tipping or injury due to weight.

It is budget-friendly which means you get comfort and support at an economic price. It is a bit on the heavy side making it a durable chair.

The chair features a complete five years warranty that makes it more than a good bargain.

The chair rolls very well and easily across the floor or carpets. The five rollers give it added stability. The chair is quiet and the rollers do not make a sound when moving. It swivels very well letting you turn the chair while seated.

The mesh framework makes the chair easy to keep clean. It is breathable, washable and refreshing.

What’s not so great about Komene ergonomic mesh office chair

The mesh part of the neck supporter is a bit small, so the hard plastic parts touch on top of the head or bottom of the neck.

The chair is designed for small and medium height stature. Do not buy this if you are more than 5.6’.

The front edge of the chair applies excessive pressure to the thighs. The mesh design of the seat cushion can be a bit uncomfortable

The arms are quite bare. They could do with a foam arm padding for comfort.

The lumbar support is not adjustable. The arms support can only be moved up or down. They cannot be moved horizontally to bring them nearer or farther (inwards or outwards) from the body.


The range of movement and different comfort features offer enough benefits to suit different users. At the same time, there is a nice simplicity to the design and assembly process to appeal to consumers across all levels.

Komene ergonomic mesh office chair is comfortable in all the right places, with room for fairly precise adjustments.

With a good headrest, it provides decent support to the neck and shoulder areas removing strain and preventing injuries. A flexible armrest gives large freedom of movement in the chair.

The height adjustability and the tilt angles make the chair comfortable for a large mass of people.

It is supportive of back conditions without going overboard with padding and design. It provides a firm and supportive back and is attractive to suit offices or homes.

It can be used by people of all age groups. I would highly recommend the Komene ergonomic mesh office chair for its design, comfort, a five-year warranty, and lastly – for being budget-friendly and cool.

Go ahead with buying the Komene ergonomic mesh office chair and you won’t be disappointed.

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