Aukey Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

Working on computers for an extended period of time can be stressful and cause pain and discomfort in the hands, wrists, or arms.

The ergonomically designed Aukey Wireless mouse is shaped to encourage a more natural alignment of hands, wrists, and arms providing greater comfort and control when compared to traditional mice.

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It helps to prevent and relieve soreness, strains, and aches associated with repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is a 30 degree angled mouse with high precision six-buttons that’s great for working, surfing, gaming, etc.

With an option for choosing differing DPI and programming customizable buttons, Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse wins hearts for its multipurpose and wide range of settings.

It is more comfortable than the vertical mice as it does not place that much pressure on the thumb.

The palm grip is more like a neutral position of the hand without the complete handshake position that is usually present in a vertical ‘joystick shaped’ mice.

Key features of Aukey Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse features a wide range of DPI (Dots per Inch) with three polling rates 125HZ, 250HZ, 500HZ, set according to computer configuration.

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The wide ranges of resolutions include 800,1200,1600,3200,4800. A wide range of resolution means greater options to suit graphic design, spreadsheet work, daily web surfing, or gaming.

It comes with five programmable buttons that can be customized excluding the left button. The scroll wheel is located right in the center offering a little resistance apt for working.

The inbuilt LED looks fantastic while working on the mouse.

The inbuilt software technology comes with a smart feature of automatic sleep if the mouse is left unused for eight minutes.

Any button can be clicked to awaken the mouse. This feature helps to conserve battery.

Product description

Aukey ergonomic mouse is black in color and designed with a comfortable, non-slip, and anti-sweat finish for lasting comfort and performance. It comes embedded with an optical sensor.

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The ergonomic mouse features a right button, a left button, a forward and a backward button, and a scroll wheel in the middle with an LED indicator.

The wireless mouse comes in the dimensions of 5* 2.2 *3 inches and weighs a mere 3.2 ounces. The ergonomic mouse is compatible with windows and mac. This means it can be used on any PC notwithstanding the software installed.

The backside of the mouse has a power/light switch, a battery compartment, and a USB wireless receiver.

What we like about the Aukey Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse comes with a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The warranty stands for 24 months.

It fits the natural posture of the hand while resting hands on the desk. Engineered for greater comfort and reduces strain. The ergonomic shape and large palm rest alleviate pressure in the wrist joint.

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The premium non-stick finish helps to get more traction on the mouse which helps in moving it faster and more accurately. It is textured with anti-sweat coating giving it a smooth movement.

This mouse uses a solid 2.4 GHz connection and frees you from cable hassles and limitations.

The DPI settings can be controlled with your fingertips with the help of a button. The customizable settings make it optimized for different tasks like office work, casual home use, and even gaming.

The LED indicator shines brightly under the scroll wheel giving a good glow. One single AA battery can provide up to six months of battery life for the mouse thanks to smart power-saving sleep mode.

Being extremely lightweight, it gives the freedom to enjoy a wire-free experience.

Users suffering from aches and strains have experienced immediate relief in muscles and tendons by using Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse.

What’s not so great

It goes to sleep very frequently and does not wake up on moving it. A button needs to be pressed to awaken it which can be a bit bothersome.

The mouse is not very large in size and is therefore not an apt choice if you have large hands. It’s better suited for people with medium or small hands.

Many users found that the cursor stops moving after a few months of use. So that is a big disadvantage especially once it begins to grow on u.

How the mouse works

Turn the mouse upside down. Insert one AA battery ( not included) in the battery compartment.

Take the USB wireless receiver out from the bottom of the mouse (at the back) and plug it into a USB port on your laptop or computer.

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Click any button to turn on the mouse. It might take a moment for the mouse to start working.

Press the DPI button to toggle between three DPI levels of increasing sensitivity and speed- 800,1200 and 1600.

The LED indicator will flash once when you choose 800. It will flash twice when you choose 1200 and three times when you choose 1600 DPI.

It responds to more than one press at a time, so you can skip directly to the setting you want with the right number of presses.

The mouse will automatically go into sleep mode if no cursor movement or button is detected within eight minutes. Pressing any button in sleep mode will wake the mouse up.

Things to keep in mind

Take the battery out when the mouse is not in use for a long time. Keep away from liquids and extreme heat. A single AA battery provides up to six months of battery life.

You can customize programmable buttons by downloading the software ( and adjustable polling rates) and programming them to whatever you want them to be.

With a solid 2.4 GHz connection, the mouse works very well up to 10 feet away from the USB.

Ergonomic factor

Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse boasts of an optimum 30-degree angle and a large palm rest. This palm rest is shaped to encourage a natural or neutral alignment of hand, wrists, and palm.

The angled design is beneficial for anyone who has experienced shoulder and wrist pain. It keeps the shoulder in a comfortable externally rotated position.

It is angled to be a vertical mouse that will help you prevent and alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. The palm grip is especially comfortable along with a large deep groove for the thumb.

Freedom from wires makes you simplify and declutter your space. Efficient operation (quick response) and smart sleep mode save power in the wireless connection.

It features two easy to reach side buttons for added convenience when surfing the internet.

Comfortable and productive, this right-handed mouse features an optimized form to fit and support every part of the hand. A textured thumb rest, subtle right and left buttons, and good indentations to cradle fingers.

The forward and backward buttons are placed next to each other at a comfortable, easy to click distance.

As it keeps the hands in a comfortable position, it encourages large muscle movement to track the mouse. The pressure is a bit relieved around the wrists and fingers.


If you are looking for an outstanding ergonomic mouse that you can comfortably use on a daily basis no matter what the task is, Aukey ergonomic mouse is the one for you.

Most standard mice end up forcing your shoulders into an awkward internally rotated position.

Not only that, but they also place pressure on the wrists which can contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury.

These are painful conditions that take a pretty long time to heal. Meanwhile, work, time everything takes a setback.

The mouse features an optimum 30-degree angle with a large palm rest. This design encourages a more natural alignment for hand, wrist, and elbow when compared to the normal mouse.

For maximum comfort and performance, Aukey ergonomic wireless mouse features a premium non-stick, anti-sweat finish.

The comfortable grip is an amazing experience each time you use it. Getting used to the mouse will take some time but once you get the hang of it, you are friends for life!

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